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  • Top Sub-Saharan African Countries For Healthcare Investment In 2018

    By Kurt Davis Jr., 4:55 am AFKI Original

    The healthcare investment space is starting to hit its stride in Africa, with the sector finding significant partnership in private investors. The opportunity is vast, with many estimates placing the capital need for the sector beyond $25 billion. The healthcare space requires holistic approaches across multiple verticals, including insurance, primary care, and medicine/foods. with those able to bring quality products and services to those verticals able to benefit in terms of investment.

  • New High Speed Submarine Cable Will Connect South Africa To India By 2019

    A new submarine cable will connect to South Africa from India in 2019. Photo: By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:58 am

    A new high speed submarine cable will reach South African shores in 2019, with the country at the southern tip of Africa set to be connected to India via islands in the Indian Ocean. The telecommunications system will be built by Alcatel Submarine Networks and Indian Ocean Exchange Cable, with a contract signed and work beginning immediately to connect Mauritius, Rodrigues, Reunion, India and South Africa via high speed cable.

  • Swedish Mobile App Truecaller Launches Developer Program For African Coders

    headquarters in South Africa By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:37 am

    Truecaller, a Swedish mobile app that provides the identity of unknown callers, has launched its developer program at an event in Nigeria. Having recently signalled its intention to expand across Africa, Truecaller launched a developer program for African coders at the CcHUB, Africa’s leading social innovation centre. The event was held by the company in order to launch the program and explain their expansion plans throughout the country and the region.

  • Why Cape Verde May Reach Its Goal Of 100% Renewable Energy By 2025

    renewable energy By Staff, 8:32 am

    Cape Verde, the small island archipelago nation off Africa’s northwest coast, has set itself a very renewable energy target. As part of ‘sustainable energy for all’ agenda, it has pledged to obtain 100 percent of its electricity from renewable resources by 2025. Cape Verde is made up of 10 islands, nine of which are inhabited, that lie about 600km west of Senegal. Of the islands’ 550,000 residents have access to electricity, but about one-third still rely on firewood and charcoal for cooking.

  • Nigerian Military Will Use Space Technology For Security

    space By Staff, 8:16 am

    Chief of Defence Staff, General Gabriel Olonisakin, said the Nigerian Military would utilize space technology in security. Olonisakin said the integration of space capabilities into the military functions would give the Armed Forces of Nigeria an array of technological capabilities with multitude of effects to gain battle ground superiority against adversaries. Olonisakin insisted that time had come for Nigeria to explore the space technology in the defence of its territorial interests.

  • Youth Volunteers To Use Technology To Empower SA Communities

    Vodacom Change the World By Staff, 7:40 am

    To help advance youth economic empowerment, Vodacom has given a facelift to Vodacom Change the World by relaunching the program as an information and communication technology and youth volunteerism initiative. Vodacom Change the World h elps create work-experience opportunities for young people, who in turn will use their skills and time to give back to their communities through the NPOs of their choice. The selected candidates are placed at these NPOs for a year across all nine provinces.

  • Algeria Starts Construction On ‘High-Tech’ Border Wall At Moroccan Border

    "High tech" wall By Staff, 9:00 am

    The announcement comes soon after Morocco revealed its plan to launch its first reconnaissance satellite. The official aim of the wall is to fight against drug trafficking and strengthen the country’s security. The wall will include a technological surveillance system with a network of cameras and radar. A commission composed of senior officers, senior officials from the Algerian government, public works, telecommunications has been set up to oversee the construction of the “high-tech” wall.

  • Scientists Use Technology To Discover Hidden Chamber In Egypt’s Great Pyramid

    pyramids By Staff, 8:37 am

    Scientists say they have found a hidden chamber in Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza, in what would be the first such discovery in the structure since the 19th century. In an article published in the journal Nature, an international team said the 30-mete void within the pyramid is situated above the structure’s Grand Gallery, and has a similar cross-section.The purpose of the space is unclear, and it’s not yet known whether it was built with a function or if it’s a gap in the pyramid’s architecture.

  • Google Street View Captures All South African National Parks

    Google Street View By Staff, 8:05 am

    A team of nature-loving South Africans in partnership with Google Street View have released a large collection of 360-degree imagery of the country’s wildest areas. The announcement of 170 new trails in South Africa’s national parks and reserves follows on from The Mzansi Experience launched in March 2016, which showcased prominent tourist attractions such as Kruger National Park, Table Mountain, and Cape Point, amongst others. The project forms part of Google’s Street View Camera Loan Program.

  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About How Africans Use Uber

    By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:38 am AFKI Original

    Uber recently celebrated four years spent serving customers in Africa, and the question of how Africans use Uber come into focus, with people across the continent making use of the ride-hailing company. From a handful of cities in Africa, the on-demand taxi-hailing company has expanded to numerous African countries, launching a rewards program for driver-partners and even offering a food delivery service in one of its main markets.

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