South African bitcoin exchange Luno expanding into Europe.
South African bitcoin exchange Luno expanding into Europe. Image:

South African Bitcoin Exchange To Open Malaysian Office

By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:23 am

South African bitcoin exchange, Luno, will set up an office in Malaysia as part of the company’s continued global expansion plan. The office, which will be located in Kuala Lumpur, is planned for the first quarter of 2018 in order to benefit from a huge local interest in cryptocurrencies. With offices in Cape Town, Singapore and London, Luno is looking to set up further office sites as part of its expansion into other global regions.

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  • How Opera Is Becoming A Major Player In Africa

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    Opera, the developer of the most used mobile browser in Africa, is significantly scaling up its operations on the continent as it gradually becomes a major player in the tech space. For years, the Opera Mini browser has been crucial to Africans due to its ability to bring down data costs, and it now has over 100 million monthly users on the continent. In addition, the newly released Opera News app saw more than 100,000 downloads in less than two weeks.

  • Facebook Groups Could Threaten Jumia’s African E-Commerce Dominance

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    Informal transactions through Facebook groups are threatening the success of e-commerce giants in Africa according to a recent straw poll on the impact of the Black Friday sale promotion on this fledgling industry. According to a Geopoll Black Friday Straw Poll, which ran in December 2017 among 2,031 respondents in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, Jumia still remains the most preferred e-commerce vendor.

  • Nairobi Innovation Week Set To Attract 100 Kenyan Tech Startups

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    The annual Nairobi Innovation Week will take place in March this year, with 100 Kenyan tech startups expected to pitch their businesses to investors. Organized by the University of Nairobi, this year’s tech startup event has seen partnerships struck with numerous hubs and ecosystem players, and over 4,000 delegates are expected. The fourth edition of Nairobi Innovation Week will take place from Mar. 5-9.

  • 10 African Tech Trends That Will Define 2018

    African tech trends - Somalia's first ever innovation tech hub, iRise, has launched in Mogadishu. Photo - Techcabal By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:32 am AFKI Original

    With 2018 well and truly upon us, it makes sense to consider the African tech trends that will feature during this year. From new technology and the kinds of tech startups that will likely be attracting investments, to considerations with regards to cyber security as a focus, 2018 has a great deal to offer the tech discussion in Africa. Here are 10 African tech trends that will define the year 2018.

  • South Africa’s Smart Cities Will Probably Have Wi-Fi, But Maybe Not Water

    smart cities By Staff, 9:57 pm

    Countries around the world are moving towards fully-connected smart cities, but even cutting edge technology is likely to run into challenges. This is according to experts. “A 24-hour smart water meter can only be possible if you’re connected to the water system,” said Ayona Datta, a reader in urban futures at King’s College London. She said that while technology may be introduced across a city to make transport or water services more efficient, it will likely only work in richer areas.

  • Solar Steam Powers Homes And New Jobs In South Africa

    solar steam By Staff, 6:53 pm

    South Africa may still get most of its energy from coal, but in the country’s sunny Northern Cape province, a different electricity source is taking hold: solar steam. A Spanish renewable energy company has opened three thermal solar plants–which use the sun’s heat to create electricity–in the province. The plants–which use sun-heated salt to drive turbines–produce electricity to provide power to just short of a million people, or almost the province’s entire population, according operators.

  • Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers

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    A DNA database system is helping authorities prosecute and convict poachers and rhino horn traffickers in Africa. RhODIS, as the system is called, is built on a foundational database with genetic information from nearly 4,000 individual rhinos. By comparing the frequencies of alleles in confiscated horn and horn products with those in tissue from a poached animal, investigators can then come up with a probable match for where that horn came from.

  • Malawian TED Fellow Builds Medical Tech To Overcome Africa’s Unique Challenges

    Malawian TED fellow and software engineer Soyapi Mumba gives a TED talk. Photo - TED By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:43 am

    Malawian TED fellow and software engineer Soyapi Mumba is proof that Africa’s unique needs can be catered for through innovation and resourcefulness, specifically where medical challenges are concerned. The healthcare system in Malawi mirrors that of many sub-Saharan African nations, with understaffed hospitals doing their best to care for the people they serve while struggling with record-keeping and patient identification.

  • 10 Winners And Losers From Johannesburg Stock Exchange Tech Shares In 2017

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    The Johannesburg Stock Exchange has seen a mixed bag of success and failure for tech stocks over the last year, with some companies thriving while others failed to live up to expectations. Share prices among the tech stocks varied significantly during the course of 2017, with telecoms companies generally struggling with loses while telematics companies experienced excellent gains throughout the 12-month period.

  • The 8 Best African Tech Companies To Follow In 2018

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    All in all, 2017 was another major year of development in the African technology space, but some tech companies made particularly impressive steps forward. From fintech to ed-tech, these tech firms were examples of success in an industry that is crying out for role models to follow and emulate. AFKInsider takes a look at eight of the African tech companies that enjoyed significant success in 2017.

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