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  • The 10 Best Restaurants In Lusaka, Zambia

    By Julia Austin, 8:00 am

    Don’t be put off by the views of the shopping center parking lot; Rhapsody’s is one of the most respected restaurants in Lusaka. The menu is dynamic, including gourmet burgers, pasta dishes, some traditional Zambian dishes and wraps. Every dish is beautifully plated and even common items have surprising twists.

  • 10 Zambian Comfort Food Recipes

    By Julia Austin, 10:58 am AFKI Original

    Anything involving corn meal from Zambia is going to be delicious, because that’s their specialty. This polenta pie is similar to a pot pie, but with a cornmeal crust. Zambians often make it with meat or lentils. Find the full recipe here.

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