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World Trade Organization: Latest News

  • Meet The Woman Considered An Architect Of The African Growth And Opportunity Act

    By Staff, 1:01 am

    The U.S. did not have a trade policy for Africa when Rosa Whitaker went to work for the U.S. State Department. U.S. policy was to view Africa as a charity case. Whitaker helped draft AGOA, the law gives duty-free access to the U.S. for African countries meeting eligibility requirements on human rights, rule of law and labor standards. With AGOA, the whole narrative changed, Whitaker said. “We no longer saw Africa as benefactors of charity. We were able to substitute paternalism with partnership.” The U.S. had trade representatives for every other region of the world except Africa. President Bill Clinton did not wait for AGOA to be passed before appointing Whitaker assistant trade representative for Africa.

  • Kenya Expects WTO Conference To Inject $26M Into Economy

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:06 am

    Kenya expects the World Trade Organization (WTO) tenth Ministerial Conference scheduled to take place in the country’s capital next week to inject about $26 million into the local economy, Tourism Minister Najib Balala said. The WTO Ministerial event will the first to be held in Africa and is expected to host more than 7,000 attendees from all over the world between December 15 and 18.

  • Seychelles An Official World Trade Organization Member

    By Makula Dunbar, 2:21 pm

    A 19-year-long process for Seychelles to become a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) came to an end yesterday when the island nation’s Minister for Finance Trade and Investment Pierre Laporte signed the accession protocol. The signing ceremony followed the approval of the Seychelles’ accession package, including the accession protocol by WTO’s General Council in Geneva, Switzerland, at its last meeting for this year.

  • Tanzania Goes Through International Trade Training

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:40 pm

    Capacity of Tanzania and other African countries to negotiate better in the international trade deals was enhanced through a week-long training as facilitated by the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The training on Advanced Trade Negotiation Simulation Skill that concluded at the weekend was participated by more than 20 countries from all over the African continent.

  • World Trade Organization: Seychelles on Track to Meet 2014 Targets

    By Makula Dunbar, 4:40 pm

    The Seychelles’ Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment says that the Indian Ocean archipelago has made significant progress in its efforts to join the World Trade Organization (WTO), an international inter-governmental body that oversees the global rules of trade between nations and is set to meet its target of acceding to the WTO by the end of 2014.

  • Ethiopia Develops Cold Feet Over Liberalization Ahead Of Joining WTO

    By Kevin Mwanza, 4:51 am

    Ethiopia, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies but with a very tight state grip on local industries, has developed cold feet over opening up of its markets to foreign investors ahead of joining the World Trade Organization in 2015, VoA quoted its trade minister saying on Tuesday. The horn of Africa country’s vast market of over 90 million people has some of the most attractive manufacturing, telecommunication, banking and energy sectors that have lured foreign investors.

  • Uganda’s Cotton Sector in Need of Export Boost

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:11 pm

    Due to restrictions within Uganda’s cotton sector, both production and quality has suffered, a New Vision report noted. Now, at the discretion of ministers representing the Ninth World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference, steps to make improvements are underway. According to New Vision, the country’s cotton exports earnings experienced a 58.6 percent dip last year — a result of falls in the quantity of cotton being shipped. At one point, Uganda was a cotton exportation leader.

  • U.N. Recognizes Cape Verde For ‘Inclusive’ Growth

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:10 pm

    The island nation of Cape Verde has continued to make progress towards achieving inclusive growth despite effects of the economic crisis, according to a press release published in All Africa. Peace and security, good governance, macroeconomic stability and sound institutions helped Cape Verde join the World Trade Organization in 2007 and graduate off the Least Developed Countries […]

  • Ethiopia Wants To Reduce Aid, U.S., To Increase Trade

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:25 pm

    Ethiopia wants to boost power production fivefold by 2015. The U.S. agreed in June to negotiate project deals with private-sector developers. USAID’s programs in Ethiopia have seen remarkable results but Ethiopia wants to eventually eliminate the need for aid, a report says.

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