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  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About How Africans Have Embraced Mobile

    embraced mobile By Peter Pedroncelli, 8:42 am AFKI Original

    Africa has embraced mobile like few other regions of the world have, with some of the highest mobile penetration rates and the majority of internet users accessing content online via their mobiles. Whether one considers online banking, apps for healthcare, connecting through social media or voting for a political party, Africans have fully embraced mobile technology and all of its possibilities. Here are the 12 things you didn’t know about how Africans have embraced mobile.

  • Why China’s WeChat Is Paying South Africans To Eat At McDonald’s

    WeChat By Dana Sanchez, 2:06 pm

    McDonald’s opened its first burger and fast-food restaurant in South Africa in 1995, and now has more than 200 stores. Chinese mobile messaging app WeChat is trying to compete with Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which dominates in SA, by collaborating with large merchants like McDonald’s. Customers can now pay at McDonald’s using mobile payments at some locations. WeChat is dominant in China, where 200M-plus use its mobile payment platform. Mobile payments have not caught on in SA like they have in China or Kenya.

  • Made For Africa: SA Innovators Create Social Media App That Doesn’t Need Data

    Teta By Kevin Mwanza, 4:31 am

    Teta Mobile Chat, an instant messaging and social media app that allows users to chat with one another, exchange photos and videos without any data or airtime is likely to become a big rival in Africa to WhatsApp, the world’s most popular social media app. Like many other messaging apps, Teta allows its users to chat, send and receive files without incurring any form of mobile data charges so long as they are accessing the service through a participating network provider

  • Can WeChat Beat WhatsApp In Africa By Doing The Opposite?

    WeChat By Dana Sanchez, 3:39 pm

    WhatsApp says it has no immediate plans to make money in Africa. WeChat plans to sell services in Africa. Can WeChat beat WhatsApp by doing the opposite? Facebook-owned WhatsApp offers free text messaging in Africa and promises to keep the platform ad-free. WeChat is betting on selling services in Africa as a way to loosen the Silicon Valley grip. It has a lot of experience selling services to lower income users in China. “We knew that we were late to the market so we realized that focusing on chat services was not the most practical way to get to market,” WeChat Africa head Brett Loubser says.

  • #M7Challenge: Museveni’s Moment Of Fame!

    #M7Challenge By Kevin Mwanza, 3:52 am

    When Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s motorcade puled by the road in Kyeirumba Village on Monday and sat on a fold chair to make a 30-minute call, it drove Facebook and Twitter in the East African coffee-producing nation into a frenzy. Dubbed the #M7Challenge, the footage went viral as people satirically tried to re-create the scene with varied messages. Twitter users in Uganda and other parts of the world were left guessing what the road-side call was about.

  • Banning Social Media Is Quickly Becoming A Trend In Africa. So Who’s Next?

    social media By Kevin Mwanza, 8:59 am

    A number of African governments have resorted to blocking access to social media sites in their countries for all sort of reasons. In the last six months, at least six countries — Uganda, Congo, Chad, Burundi, Zimbabwe and most recently Ethiopia — have blocked access to Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook for reasons ranging from elections to allowing students to prepare for exams.

  • Zimbabwe Blocks Whatsapp As Citizens Protest Economic Mismanagement

    Zimbabwe blocks Whatsapp By Dana Sanchez, 9:02 am

    Zimbabwe has had several national shutdowns since 2000. This one is different. It wasn’t called by any one opposition political party. Anger is growing in the country as cash shortages intensify. Bond notes are expected to be introduced soon, prompting fears of hyperinflation, which wiped out savings and pensions in 2006 to 2008. A ban on imports is cutting off an economic lifeline for many families. And calls are mounting against abuses by law enforcement.

  • Is Ethiopia Restricting Access To Social Media In Oromia Region?

    social media By Kevin Mwanza, 4:33 am

    Ethiopia’s Oromia region, a province engulfed in violent protests over plans to expand the capital Addis Ababa, has been without internet messaging application Whatsapp and Twitter for over a month. According to a Bloomberg report, some parts of the East African nation including Oromia, have had no access to these social media sites on mobile devices linked to state-owned monopoly Ethio Telecom.

  • What The Whatsapp Bombshell Means For Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:49 pm

    Smartphones are more common in the U.S. than in developing countries. Most Blackberry and Nokia users in Africa will be forced to buy more expensive devices. WhatsApp could lose millions of subscribers who can’t afford smartphones. “But losing a couple million bottom-of-the-pyramid users is probably not a big deal for a platform with over 1 billion active users and counting,” said a tech commentator. WhatsApp says the times they are a-changing. BlackBerry and Nokia commanded 70% of mobile devices globally when WhatsApp launched in 2007. Now they have less than 1 percent.

  • Africa Helped Facebook Break Ad Revenue Records In Q4. Not Everyone Is Celebrating

    By Dana Sanchez, 6:44 pm

    Growing mobile use in Africa helped Facebook break ad revenue records in the fourth quarter of 2015 with 80% of it coming from mobile ads. Not everyone is celebrating. In South Africa, the top two mobile service providers, MTN and Vodacom, say data-based messaging apps are getting a free ride and it’s hurting their profits. The government met to discuss regulating OTT services. Google, Facebook, and Microsoft-Skype were there, arguing that users already pay for infrastructure through data charges.

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