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  • Top Election Predictions For Africa In 2018

    Election predictions - Zimbabwe's Emmerson Mnangagwa will run for president in 2018. Photo - VOA News By Kurt Davis Jr., 2:04 am AFKI Original

    Last year’s election predictions for 2017 were pretty accurate (if a little self-indulgence can be allowed). So this year will be interesting to watch again, with countries like Egypt, DRC (hopefully), and Zimbabwe on the calendar. The elections are sure to be very exciting for the countries going to the polls and those investors and other interested parties gauging how to engage such countries. Here are the top elections to watch in Africa and predictions for 2018.

  • What Kenya Can Teach South Africa And Nigeria In Their Upcoming Elections

    2019 elections By Kurt Davis Jr., 6:40 pm AFKI Original

    Africa’s two biggest economies will have an election in 2019 with many observers and investors speculating on the side-effects of the political process on both economies, especially if fallout comes about before or after the process takes its due course. Perhaps Kenya’s current and past presidential election experiences can serve as a lesson for those two African powerhouse nations, in order for negative outcomes to be mitigated.

  • Why Kenya Must Ditch Technology For Historic Presidential Election Re-Run

    Presidential Election By Tom Jackson, 3:54 am AFKI Original

    In a surprising but not unfathomable announcement this week, Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) confirmed that the IT infrastructure deployed during the country’s recently nullified presidential election will again be utilised in the approaching re-run on October 26. It has gambled twice on tech at elections, and lost. To gamble a third time, and with the same flawed system, could unleash forces outside of its control.

  • Namibia To Offer Africa’s First E-Vote Option

    By Ann Brown, 11:00 am

    From News 24 In a first for Africa, Namibians will cast their ballots electronically in this month’s presidential and legislative polls, the election commission said on Friday. Over 1 million voters, or just about half of the nation’s 2.3 million people, are due to vote on 28 November. “I think it’s a big achievement for […]

  • 10 Reasons You Should Be Politically Active

    By Keren Mikva, 12:29 pm AFKI Original

    Not everyone gets the same opportunity. Don’t take for granted the opportunity to vote, be politically active, and have your voice be heard. In countless countries, millions of people are denied this right. Specific minorities are shut out of the political process. If you are lucky enough to have been afforded the chance to be involved, it’s short sighted to pass it up.

  • Mali, Mauritania Go To Polls Amid Problems

    By Barbara Bean-Mellinger, 1:12 pm

    Though poll turnout was low, many exercised their right to vote in Mauritania on Saturday and Mali on Sunday. Boycotts by Islamic opposition groups kept some voters away in Mauritania, while fears of violence kept some Malians at home.

  • Uganda To Import Thumbprint Biometrics Against Voter Fraud

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:54 pm

    Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement party and the opposition parties have accused each other of electoral malpractices.

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