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  • Top 10 Toasting Spots In South Africa’s Winelands

    winelands By Becca Blond, 7:00 pm

    Located just an hour’s drive northeast of Cape Town, South Africa’s most famous wine-producing region encompasses the towns of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. It also has some of the country’s most dramatic scenery and makes for the perfect weekend escape. There are hundreds of places to taste wine, tour vineyards and indulge in fine food, so sometimes it can be hard to narrow it down. To help, here are 10 of our favorite places to raise a toast in South Africa’s Winelands.

  • Who’s Setting South Africa’s Winelands On fire?

    winelands By Staff, 4:20 am

    Fires which have been sweeping parts of South Africa’s Winelands regions have already cost millions in Rand in destroyed forestry and vineyards. They come as the country is coping with a string of gloomy predictions about its economic growth and the South African Rand has plummeted against foreign currencies. There is a growing suspicion that the fire may have been started deliberately adding to the pain of seeing decades of work going up in flames.

  • How Wine Tasting Meets Ecotourism In South Africa

    By Julia Austin, 10:39 am AFKI Original

    The Alternative Winelands Tour specifically targets Cape wine estates that have demonstrated a commitment to employees, such as providing access to land so they can start their own wine label. Visitors interact with local farmers. Local community members sometimes welcome tour patrons into their homes to hear stories and learn local recipes. Here are some of the ways wine tasting meets ecotourism in South Africa.

  • History Among The Vines: South Africa’s Heritage Wine Estates

    By Richard Holmes, 6:00 pm

    While South Africa may be part of the New World of winemaking, alongside the likes of California, Argentina and Australia, its wine heritage stretches back over 350 years. The Cape’s vineyards have come a long way since then though, and are today a major player in the globalised world of wine. The winelands, a short drive from the centre of Cape Town, offer an exciting look back at the area’s rich and varied history.

  • South African Wine Doubles Market Share In China

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:12 pm

    Just generally, 2015 has been an exceptional year for South African wine. The number of wine producers is shrinking in South Africa, but they’re making better quality wines. The grape harvest was early and the quality excellent. SA wine doubled market share in China by mid year. SA wines are the surprise of the year, critics say.

  • Food, Wine, And Fun: A Video Tour Of Spier Wine Farm in Stellenbosch

    spier segway tour By Karen Elowitt, 5:00 pm

    In this video, host Zandile Madliwa takes you on tour of Spier Wine Farm, one of the top wine estates in Stellenbosch, South Africa, and one of the most popular stops on the Western Cape wine route. Founded in 1692, Spier offers a restaurant, a spa, a hotel, a craft market, contemporary art, garden picnics, kids’ activities, Segway tours of the vineyards — and of course, award-winning wines.

  • Looking Back At The Cabo Verde Volcanic Eruption Of 2014

    By Ann Brown, 3:20 pm AFKI Original

    The November volcanic eruption on Fogo island, Cabo Verde, has changed life there. Two towns were evacuated, and the island’s thriving vineyards were destroyed. Hundreds were left homeless, with their livelihood ruined. Donations have been pouring in. Fundraisers have been held in the U.S. by Cabo Veredean communities in the New England area. Check out these photos of the destruction from Africa’s 2014 volcanic eruption.

  • The Cape of Good Wine: Exploring the Cape Peninsula Winelands

    By Karen Elowitt, 3:37 am

    Most visitors to Cape Town know of the winelands of Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, but few think to explore what’s all but staring them in the face: Look closely as you explore the Mother City and you’ll find trellised vineyards right in front of you. There’s the tiny Clos d’Oranje above the City Bowl, a scrap of vineyard near Kalk Bay Harbour and, of course, the manicured vines of Constantia. And that’s just for starters. The area is becoming such a key wine-making region that the industry recently established the Cape Peninsula wine ward to designate wines crafted from grapes grown here.

  • 10 Unusual Places To Go Wine Tasting

    By Julia Austin, 1:29 pm AFKI Original

    Today, Gstaad Palace in Switzerland is a wine-tasting destination and hotel with views of the Alps, but in World War II it was a storage vault for gold and documents, as well as a hideout for the executive board of the Swiss national bank.

  • 10 Top Toasting Spots in South Africa’s Wine Region

    By Becca Blond, 11:40 am AFKI Original

    An hour from Cape Town are the vineyards of Stellenbosch, Franschhoek and Paarl. If you don’t have a designated driver and want to hit up a number of vineyards, then join an organized tour. One of my favorites is Easy Rider Wine Tours. The day trips are great and include lunch and brandy tasting along with multiple vineyard stops.

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