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University of Southern California: Latest News

  • Entire African Delegation Denied Visas To US-Africa Trade Conference

    us-africa By Staff, 1:01 am

    Visas are routinely denied by U.S. embassies without explanation. With the heightened attention on foreign travelers coming to the U.S., there have been stories of more visas being denied to people from countries not named in the Trump administration’s travel ban executive order. If there has been an increase in the number of visas rejected under the new administration, it’s hard to verify. The State Department data made available to the public ended in late 2016.

  • University Hosts Summit On African Investment Opportunities

    By Dana Sanchez, 10:51 am

    The summit was moderated by Danny Tabor, former mayor of Inglewood, Calif. He underscored how much has changed about doing business in Africa. “…this should be done in partnerships with the indigenous populations,” Tabor said. “The planning, implantation and build out is a different way in doing business today that is not the exploitation of the past.”

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