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  • 9 Things To Expect In African Real Estate Markets In 2017

    African real estate markets By Dana Sanchez, 2:22 pm AFKI Original

    Shopping is changing in Africa. Formal retail developers are learning from the failures of malls in developed markets like the U.S., and applying new models to old ideas. African micro enterprises and small businesses will have a greater demand for shared space and flexible office space in the future. New or existing African office developments will need to apply design principles used in innovation labs, incubation centers and flexible work spaces, a stakeholder said.

  • Gifts Of The Road: Why You Should Travel By Bus In Madagascar

    travel by bus In Madagascar By Lindsay Seegmiller, 7:00 am

    Given that it’s a long, slow trip from Tana to Fort Dauphin, it’s no surprise most tourists opt for the two-hour flight instead. But by taking the bus, I was inadvertently claiming solidarity in the hardships and challenges the Malagasy face on a daily basis. My friend and I never intended this to be more than a thrifty move, but for our fellow passengers, it showed respect and interest in their way of life. “Most vahaza (foreigners) don’t make this trip. But you, you’re Malagasy. You ride the bus with us,” a local bus rider said.

  • For Kenya’s Wealthy, UberChopper Rises Above The Traffic

    UberChpper By Dana Sanchez, 7:26 pm

    UberChopper was first tested three years ago to fly customers between New York and the Hamptons, where wealthy New Yorkers vacation. It has already launched in Cape Town. Globally, Uber has tested alternative modes of transport including rickshaws and boats. Other Uber add-ons you may never have heard of include UberWine and UberSki. UberPitch is a recurring pop-up service that lets entrepreneurs book a ride with venture capitalists and private equity investors. It’s UberEverything.

  • Ecobus Runs On Vegetable Oil. It Also Runs On Time, Something Other Cabo Verdean Minibus Operators Find Threatening

    Ecobus runs on vegetable oil By Ann Brown, 12:01 am AFKI Original

    In the capital city of Cabo Verde, transportation can be disorganized, even chaotic. Fáron Peckham, a transplanted New Yorker, saw a business opportunity. He began his Ecobus taxi company on the island of Santiago to try and bring some order to the chaos. If you’re a taxi company, using free renewable energy while running on schedule sounds like a great idea that solves several problems. But some of the other taxi operators didn’t like it.

  • 10 Ways To Get Around Kenya Like A Local

    get around kenya like a local By Frank Mutulu, 10:05 am

    The typical modes of transit used by tourists in Kenya — taxis and private cars — are efficient, but don’t really offer any exposure to the local culture aside from the occasional conversation with a taxi driver or tour guide. But if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and get around Kenya like a local via more home-grown modes of transit, you’ll get a unique view of the country and a more enriching vacation.

  • New South African Law Will Force Uber Drivers To Be Licensed As Metered Taxis

    Uber in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:06 pm

    In every city Uber has entered, taxi and limo companies have tried to ban it. South Africa rejected Uber’s request to create a new transportation category for operators using technology to solicit customers. However, Uber is calling South Africa’s new regulations for Uber drivers “progress.” Uber says it’s not a taxi company. It’s a tech company. “Regulators in the U.S. have mostly swallowed this ride-sharing whopper, hook, line and sinker,” Salon reported.

  • TE Connectivity Opens First Cable Assembly Plant In Africa For Auto Manufacturing

    By Dana Sanchez, 8:35 am

    Morocco has established the automotive sector as a top growth priority. TE established the facility and started operations there in less than a year. Its new Morocco site will focus exclusively on manufacturing products for auto applications, serving auto customers in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. TE’s earnings fell 25% in the last quarter, the result of a strong U.S. dollar, weak industrial market and soft demand from China.

  • Mali Signs Rail Renovation Deal With China Worth $1.5B

    Mali signs rail renovation deal with China By Staff, 9:44 am

    Passenger trains in landlocked Mali today average 20 kilometers per hour if they’re lucky. They’ll become five times faster after the renovation, a transportation official said. China Railway Construction signed a similar agreement worth $1.26 billion with Senegal on Thursday. The project is part of a plan to upgrade the ageing, 1,200-kilometer (745-mile) railway between Senegal’s coastal capital Dakar and Mali.

  • Transport Is Changing Africa Faster Than Any Continent In Human History

    Transport Is Changing Africa By Dana Sanchez, 11:59 am

    When completed, 33 road and rail corridors will crisscross 53,000 kilometers in Africa. The transport projects are intended to promote large-scale development, but wildlife will suffer. Africa will likely become a global epicenter of environmental conflict, scientists say. Even if a transport corridor is likely to yield only modest benefits for food production, governments won’t say no to big mining investors or the billions of dollars pouring into Africa each year.

  • TaxiJet Wants To Be The Uber Of Francophone Africa

    Taxijet Wants To Be The Uber Of Francophone Africa By Dana Sanchez, 10:24 pm

    Three Ivorian entrepreneurs have come up with a taxi-hailing app that works with traditional taxi drivers. TaxiJet is a bit like Uber, just not as controversial, its founders say. Being from Abidjan, they knew there was a gap in transportation that they could fill. They cited opaque prices, insecurity (both for passengers and drivers), and fleet age as some of the problems in Abidjan taxi rides, which sometimes “border on an obstacle course.”

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