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  • Olympic Medalist Caster Semanya Marries Longtime Love Again: Why You Should Care

    Caster Semanya marries longtime love again By Dana Sanchez, 5:26 pm

    South Africans supported Semenya overwhelmingly on social media with the hashtag #handsoffcaster during the Rio Olympics. She experienced open hostility and protests from other runners who said the race was unfair because they were competing against a man. Semenya was born without ovaries. Instead she has internal testes and testosterone levels three times higher than most women. “If I was a woman 800-meter runner right now, I’d be looking to change careers,” a sports scientist said. SA is the only African country where same-sex marriage is legal.

  • New Zealand’s Best Hiking Spots

    By Keren Mikva, 1:16 pm

    Mount Cook, the highest peak in New Zealand at 12,316 feet, is an imposing sight from the lower glacial terrain, but is well worth it if you’re up for the climb. The Mueller Hut Route is one of the best tracks to the top, allowing for a quick sleep before you summit. Gorgeous views of bright blue glacial pools and valleys are all visible from the summit, but beware of avalanche warnings throughout the year.

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