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  • LGBT Tourism: African Muslims Find Inspiration In Cape Town For ‘Compassion-Centered Islam’

    LGBT Tourism By Dana Sanchez, 8:45 pm

    The only country in Africa to allow same-sex marriage, South Africa is considered a haven for LGBT rights. Cape Town is regarded as the gay capital of Africa. It’s full of gay people who have chosen the city as their home, not only for its beauty but because Capetonians are generally liberal and welcoming, SouthAfrica.info says by way of promoting LGBT tourism. This is a form of niche tourism marketed to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender visitors.

  • Pope’s Trip Is Still On. African Gays Want Him To Preach Tolerance

    By Dana Sanchez, 2:44 pm

    The Pope will preach tolerance on this week’s trip to Africa, but the Vatican said the CAR schedule could be changed or cancelled if security risks increase. The progress of gay rights in the U.S. and Europe, where same-sex couples can marry and adopt children, has encouraged gay Africans but discouraged those who object on religious grounds. Kenyan law allows jail time for homosexual acts but rarely prosecutes. Kenya has been relatively tolerant to homosexuality and plays host to about 500 gay refugees from neighboring Uganda.

  • 18 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance In Africa: Part 1

    countries ranked for marijuana tolerance By Dana Sanchez, 5:50 pm AFKI Original

    Marijuana is illegal but deeply ingrained in African economies and tribal traditions. Tolerance and enforcement varies from country to country. Zambia is the world’s third-largest marijuana-smoking country. After Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana in the U.S., it’s reaping the financial benefits. We’ve ranked 18 countries for marijuana tolerance in Africa.

  • Are Attitudes Changing Towards Homosexuality In Africa?

    453384466 Gay pride rally, Entebbe, 2014. Photo: ISAAC KASAMANI/Getty By Dana Sanchez, 10:42 am

    In sub-Saharan Africa, at least nine in 10 people say they are opposed to homosexuality, but the numbers are changing, says a Kenyan LGBTI activist. South Africa is an exception. Same-sex marriage has been legal in South Africa since the Civil Union Act was passed Nov. 30, 2006. On June 26, 2015, the U.S. became the 21st and most populous country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

  • 17 More African Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance: Part 2

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:04 pm AFKI Original

    Marijuana is illegal in Equatorial Guinea, but an important part of the economy. People smoke it everywhere and the police don’t seem to care. Before, it was used only in traditional ceremonies, but now marijuana is part of the culture in this West African country — the only one on the continent where Spanish is the official language. Marijuana is known as “The Sacred Weed” in Equatorial Guinea. This is the second in a three-part AFKInsider series. Check out 17 more countries in Africa ranked for marijuana tolerance.

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