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The World Bank: Latest News

  • The World Bank’s IFC Invests In Kenyan Mobile Tech Startup

    mobile tech provider By Staff, 8:52 am

    The IFC is investing $6M into Africa’s Talking, an African mobile tech provider. The Nairobi-based start-up offers bulk SMS, short code and premium SMS, in addition to customized mobile messaging solutions for its customers. The IFC is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. The funds have been earmarked for the expansion of Africa’s Talking, with the IFC aiming to help it utilize more markets than the current seven countries.

  • Cape Verde To Launch Solar Energy System Project

    Solar Energy System By Staff, 9:30 am

    Cape Verde has received a grant from the World Bank, to finance the distributed solar energy system project.
    It is i ntended that part of the proceeds of this grant will be used to pay the contractor for supply, installation and commissioning of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems for self-consumption of the central and regional hospitals of Cabo Verde. The Ministerio de Economia e Emprego invites sealed bids from interested bidders for the supply of the goods and related services.

  • 12 African Countries With The Highest Debt Levels

    Canon trains Ghanaians to print By Lillian Mutiso, 7:38 am AFKI Original

    African governments have relied heavily on international funding in recent years to undertake development in their countries. This has led to high debt-levels by several countries on the continent, to both bilateral and multilateral creditors. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) launched a programme in 1996 to provide debt relief to the most indebted nations in the world.

  • World Bank Sees Africa’s Growth Slowing As Commodity Prices Fall

    By Kevin Mwanza, 5:02 am

    Sub-Saharan Africa economic growth will slow down this year hurt by falling oil and other commodity prices in the international market, the World Bank said in its latest forecast on the region. The Bretton Wood institution forecast that gross domestic product growth for sub-Sahara Africa will slow to 4.0 percent this year, compared to 4.5 percent growth in 2014.

  • Nigeria Registers Africa Best Bond Rally In March

    By Kevin Mwanza, 5:24 am

    Nigerian bonds rallied are the best performers in Africa in March after registering a 2 percent return this month the most among 31 emerging markets after Russia and the Dominican Republic, according to Bloomberg indexes. The rally could however be short lived as the Africa’s biggest economy slides towards junk status

  • World Banks Says Impact Of Ebola On West Africa Over Estimated

    By Staff, 6:37 am

    The economic impact of Ebola on African economies in 2015 will be less severe than previously thought, the World Bank said in a report on Tuesday, causing just a fraction of the more than $25 billion in losses first expected. The GDP impact on countries beyond the three directly affected — Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone — is now estimated at $500 million as governments make progress in fighting the disease.

  • Zambia’s Credit Bureaus Find A Place In Entrepreneurs’ Hearts

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:49 am

    Zambia’s credit bureau, set up five years ago, still only has data on 12 percent of the population, according to the World Bank. The numbers are even lower, or non-existent, in other African countries. But gradually, at the urging of the World Bank – which has introduced programs in 19 sub-Saharan countries to promote the growth of credit bureaus – Zambia and other countries are doing more.

  • Private Equity Lifts Half Of African Countries To Middle-Income Status

    By Kevin Mwanza, 4:12 am

    BURIED at the back of a recent study on private equity is a significant statistic. Half of African countries (27) are now classified by the World Bank as middle-income countries. Private equity has enabled businesses in Africa to grow by servicing rapidly gentrifying populations and is providing returns for investors that outstrip public markets.

  • Gambia, European Firms In Joint Agriculture Venture

    By Ann Brown, 3:00 pm

    From Capital FM Gambia and European companies will join hands in multi-million-dollar projects to improve the West African country’s agriculture, energy and infrastructure sectors for economic growth, officials told Xinhua. The projects are financed by the Dutcher Bank through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Gian Martin Balestrini, West African Constellation Program officer, […]

  • World Bank Announces Kenyan Economic Policies Best In Africa

    By Ann Brown, 7:00 pm

    This is great news for Kenya. The World Bank and the World Economic Forum have rated Kenya as the highest country in Sub-Saharan Africa in terms of economic policies and institutions, making the country one of the hottest destinations of foreign investment, reports Capital FM. According to National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich,  the World […]

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