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  • Opinion: Democracy Is Not Defined By Term Limits, But They Serve A Purpose

    3rd Kagame Term By Kurt Davis Jr., 7:13 am AFKI Original

    The re-election of Paul Kagame to a third term as president of Rwanda on August 4 sparked excitement in some corners of the world and raised concerns in others. While some celebrate Kagame’s amazing success in transforming the small East African nation, others argue that he has already ruled for 17 years, and his continued stay as the country’s first citizen undermines democracy. Both sides have legitimate points.

  • Top 5 Elections To Watch In Africa And Predictions For 2017

    elections to watch in Africa By Kurt Davis Jr., 11:03 am AFKI Original

    Presidential term limits are a slippery thing. Occasionally they can seem like a good idea. Most of the time, not so much. That’s what makes these five upcoming African elections so riveting. Everyone is watching to see who replaces Liberia’s popular Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf — Africa’s first female president. Will it be a former soccer player, or the ex wife of former Liberian President Charles Taylor? He was convicted of aiding crimes against humanity. She’s one of the most powerful woman in Liberian politics. Or it may be a former Coca-Cola executive, a former central bank governor or an attorney.

  • Mo Ibrahim Says Governance Good In Small African Countries, Big Ones Not So Much

    Mo Ibrahim By Dana Sanchez, 6:28 pm

    Ibrahim got rich on telecommunications, but he has invested millions in good governance. “Power corrupts absolutely,” Ibrahim said. He called for more international outrage over stolen elections. “People are learning how to steal elections because that looks less brutal than saying ‘I’m president for life,'” he said. “There is a limit to how long they can go on stealing elections. More and more of these elections are being subject to the harsh light of … social media.”

  • Africa’s Longest Serving Dictator Extends 36-Year Rule

    By Dana Sanchez, 11:42 am

    Equatorial Guinea is sub-Saharan Africa’s third biggest oil producer. Oil revenues account for more than 70% of GDP. Obiang, 73, took power in a 1979 coup, ousting his uncle and having him shot by firing squad. The constitution has since been changed to impose term limits in the former Spanish colony, but they don’t apply to him. Human rights groups say Obiang stayed in power by suppressing the media and dissident voices and stealing public funds.

  • Opinion: Other African Presidents Should Copy Dos Santos

    By Staff, 9:15 pm

    That he is choosing to step aside is good for Africa and Angola. History has shown that peaceful transitions are the best guarantor of stability and prosperity. Angola is Africa’s second-largest oil exporter after Nigeria, and the prospect of long-term stability in Angola is good for the region and the continent. With Angola’s transition to democracy the whole southern region of Africa would be anchored by truly democratic states. it furthers the trend toward democratisation on the continent’s west coast as well.

  • Could A Woman Be The Next President Of Uganda?

    By Staff, 1:19 am

    In power since 1986, Museveni will face his stiffest opposition from Kizza Besigye, a three-time loser for the Forum for Democratic Change and Amama Mbabazi, a former prime minister and ruling party stalwart now running as an independent. But with the two main opposition candidates being influential former members of the ruling party, critics say they struggle to offer a convincing alternative or to effectively criticize a system they created and benefit from.

  • Rwandans To Vote Dec. 18 On 3rd Kagame Term In Constitutional Referendum

    3rd Kagame Term By Dana Sanchez, 8:30 am

    If the referendum passes, Rwandan President Paul Kagame could potentially remain in power until 2034. The U.S. and European Union warned that the move undermines democratic principles, prompting Kagame last week to criticize “other nations” for interfering in his country’s internal affairs. Kagame has been credited with with economic transformation that helped Rwanda recover from the 1994 genocide. Supporters say his continued stewardship would lead to further gains.

  • 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba

    By Keren Mikva, 10:41 am AFKI Original

    After his election in 2005, Namibian President Hifikepunye Pohamba made an unprecedented move by appointing five women to his first presidential cabinet. He also initiated drastic changes in the structure of the governmental ministry system, aimed at targeting corruption, inefficiency and redundancies. He Just won the 2014 Mo Ibrahim Prize for Achievement in African Leadership. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about Hifikepunye Pohamba, Namibia’s outgoing president.

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