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Spotify: Latest News

  • Senegalese Online Music Platforms Aim To Become Africa’s Spotify

    online music platform By Staff, 6:54 am

    Senegalese start-ups are testing the market for online music platforms in West Africa, where interest in digital entertainment is growing but a lack of credit cards has prevented big players from making inroads.Long celebrated in Europe for their contribution to “world” music -with Mali’s Salif Keita, Senegal’s Youssou N’Dour and Benin’s Angelique Kidjo household names in trendy bars – West African musicians struggled to make money back home, where poverty is widespread and music piracy rampant.

  • Opinion: How Apple’s New Music-Streaming Service Will Affect African Consumers

    144077655 Masai warrior listening to music on iPod by Apple. Photo: Visions of America/UIG/ Getty By Staff, 4:45 am

    Though Apple seems to be quietly building up its African presence, there are no strong signs yet it is going to become a focus. When Apple Music finally lands in Africa, it will enter an already overcrowded music streaming space with players who have established users and a greater focus on African content.

  • Mobile Trend Predictions 2014: A New Phase, Mobile 3.0

    By Dana Sanchez, 6:03 pm

    In 2013, 26 percent of educational app usage was from India followed by 25 percent in South Africa and 20 percent in Kenya according to the results of the 13-country study. In 2014, African mobile start-ups focused on these areas will secure venture investments exceeding $100 million for the first time.

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