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  • Social Media Campaign Warns African Migrants: Don’t Leave

    social media campaign warns African migrants By Dana Sanchez, 10:15 am

    Many migrants who make it to Italy don’t tell friends and family about the hardship. A campaign that exposes the realities is now targeting potential African migrants on social media in 15 West and Central African countries — where most arrivals in Italy originate. Posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram give testimonials created by migrants in multiple languages. All end with the warning, “Be aware, brother” and “Be aware, sister.” A record 181,000 migrants crossed the Mediterranean in 2016 on flimsy boats operated by smugglers. Of those, 25,000 were mostly unaccompanied children. Arrivals in Italy are up 66% so far in 2017.

  • The South African Behind The World’s Most Instagrammed Coffee

    World's Most Instagrammed Coffee By Staff, 12:02 am

    People love ice cream, coffee and chocolate, so Johannesburg-born Dayne Levinrad decided to serve all three at once. The idea is simple — serve coffee in an ice cream cone lined with chocolate — but Levinrad says the science behind his creation is not. “We’ve got the whole thing under patent,” he says. Coffee drinkers have 10 minutes to drink the coffee before the chocolate melts. Coffee In a Cone owes it success to Levinrad understanding social media.

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