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  • Ghanaian Entrepreneur Sees Opportunity In Student Online Mentoring And Guidance

    Ghanaian entrepreneur By Ann Brown, 6:12 pm AFKI Original

    When Afia Bobia Amanfo thinks about Ghana, she sees a country ripe for harvesting, full of opportunities for its young population but lacking many basic necessities crucial for the success of young people. “This might not be an advantage for every business but it is a great opportunity for us as a social enterprise to make a difference in the lives of these young ones and help redefine the future of Ghana,” Amanfo told AFKInsider. Amanfo co-founded Students Hub Ghana, an online platform for mentoring young Ghanaians in education, career, tech, and entrepreneurship. A month after launch, the site has 3,000-plus followers.

  • Made In Africa: Cheap M-Kopa Solar Kits A Big Hit In Rural Kenya

    By Kevin Mwanza, 2:45 am

    M-Kopa Solar, a social-enterprise startup that uses solar to reach remote off-grid consumers in East Africa with cheap electricity, has become a hit among rural dweller in Kenya with its pay-as-you-go add-on electronic products. The startup’s home solar system feature a battery, light bulb, phone-charging facility and a chargeable radio only cost an initial down payment of $34 followed by a $0.50 daily usage payment over 12 months.

  • The Do-Good Impact Investors Of Nairobi

    By Staff, 8:53 am

    According to a survey by J.P. Morgan (JPM), so-called impact investors—those who fund companies they think will create financial returns and societal benefits—put $10.6 billion into almost 5,000 companies worldwide in 2013. More than half allocated money to sub-Saharan Africa, the most of any region in the world. A preliminary study by Open Capital Advisors, a Nairobi-based consulting firm, estimates that $650 million has been invested in Kenya alone, mostly in the last five years.

  • How Social Enterprise Business Models Can Give Back To Africa

    By Lyn Eyb, 5:28 am AFKI Original

    At what point does a voluntourism business become less about social responsibility and more an exercise in cynical marketing? We asked three entrepreneurs about the logistics of running social enterprises in Africa that benefit their communities.

  • Q&A: Social Enterprise Helps Vegetable Vendors In Nairobi Slum

    By Frank Mutulu, 2:41 am AFKI Original

    After graduating from the prestigious London School of Economics, Suraj Gudka, 21, didn’t go for a white-collar job in accounting. Instead he opted to work in slum communities. He co-founded SokoText, a social enterprise that uses text messages to create demand for produce sold by micro entrepreneurs in urban Nairobi slums.

  • Q & A: Social Entrepreneur Brings Solar To Africa

    By Frank Mutulu, 9:10 am AFKI Original

    Social entrepreneur Adam Camenzuli, on why he started a solar lighting and charging business in Africa: “There is a great need for energy in emerging markets – sub-Saharan Africa especially. There are over half a billion people on the continent who do not have adequate access to light and energy. This presents a major problem and barrier to economic development. It also presents an immense opportunity.”

  • Africa Social Entrepreneurship Grows Along Mobile Technology

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:18 am

    From theguardian: From public transport apps such as Hailo to archival ones such as Evernote, the benefits of mobile technology for people in the developed world have been well documented. But mobile is arguably having a much bigger impact on people’s lives in the developing world, particularly Africa. There, the transformative effect of a technology […]

  • Flock of Birds: Tackling Youth Unemployment in Uganda Via Social Enterprise

    By Erica Shelley, 10:55 am AFKI Original

    During her years in Uganda working with War Child, Ans de Jager was particularly bothered by youth unemployment in the northern region of the country, an area that has been plagued by instability.

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