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Silicon Savannah: Latest News

  • Tech Hubs Growing Outside Of Kenya’s “Silicon Savannah” in Nairobi

    By Staff, 7:35 am

    For years, Nairobi has been the cradle of technological innovation in Kenya, and the center of the country’s thriving tech ecosystem, famously known as Silicon Savannah. Most of the innovation spaces, incubation centers, accelerators, and maker labs were also concentrated in the capital—making Nairobi an attractive spot for both technologists and investors. Some innovation spaces, such as the iHub have launched as many as 170 startups. Tech hubs have sprouted up in other Kenyan cities and towns.

  • Silicon Valley-Style Sexual Harassment Undermining Silicon Savannah

    Sexual harassment seems to be on the rise in Kenya's Silicon Savannah. Photo: KenyaForum By Tom Jackson, 1:15 am AFKI Original

    Some of the most prominent Silicon Valley individuals and companies are caught up in sexual harassment scandals, but their story is somewhat echoed in other parts of the world, with individuals within Kenya’s tech ecosystem also experiencing sexism and unwanted sexual advances. The poor response has raised questions about the African tech community in general’s attitude towards women in the workplace.

  • Will Kenya’s Konza Techno City Ever Get Off The Ground?

    Konza Techno City By Tom Jackson, 8:35 am AFKI Original

    Fresh from tech achievements M-Pesa, iHub and Ushahidi, Kenya in 2013 launched a $14.5B project to build Konza Techno City, a large tech hub planned outside Nairobi. Four years later, funding for Kenyan tech startups is in freefall. There have been few recent notable tech success stories and Konza City seems further away than ever. Investors have been wary to put up money until they have assurances from the government on reliable low-cost energy, water, plans to limit traffic and prevent slums from being built near Konza.

  • 5 Major Developments That Shaped Africa’s Tech In 2016

    fintech distributed ledger tech By Tom Jackson, 2:01 am AFKI Original

    Africa is increasingly establishing itself as a hotbed of tech innovation, and 2016 was packed with further progress. From Cairo to Cape Town, from major players to the smallest startups, African tech is developing at a startling pace. But what were the major developments on the tech scene over the course of 2016? Increasingly, investors are seeing Africa as an opportunity rather than a risk, and the tech space in particular is proving itself able to withstand the general slowdown.

  • Why African Cities Are Striving To Be Tech Hubs

    digital startups - African tech hubs By Tom Jackson, 4:20 am AFKI Original

    The majority of African cities are striving to be tech hubs. From Cairo to Accra, Lagos to Nairobi, Cape Town to Johannesburg, cities are striving to emulate Silicon Valley as tech hubs. Nairobi’s iHub launched with government support, and the Enterprise Kenya initiative is designed to assist local startups. In Lagos, the presidency has offered backing to tech startups, and there are a myriad of hubs.

  • Opinion: Silicon Savannah Is Changing The Global Face Of Technology

    idgconnect mobile kenya-masai-mara-with-digital-watch By Staff, 2:44 pm

    Every week, the U.S. tech sector uses the most advanced mobile technology in the world to create some new meaningless distraction — — Tinder for dogs, Airbnb for boats, Yo. Meanwhile, in Africa, entrepreneurs are solving the continent’s most pressing problems. In the U.S., every app is trying to become some kind of mobile PayPal. But nobody is really using them — at least not compared to Kenyans.

  • In Search Of The Next African Tech Hub

    By Global Risk Insights, 4:52 am

    For as long as Silicon Valley has existed, attempts to emulate it have sprung up, from Santiago to Tel Aviv. Technology hubs and the innovation clusters they often give rise to are not only sought after to increase employment, income, and tax revenues. Their creation is increasingly becoming a policy goal in and of itself. African countries are no exception.

  • Africa’s Silicon Savannah Dream Overrun By Aid Money

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:47 am

    Africa’s Silicon Savannah that brings to mind a hyper-tech innovation zone could just be a pipe dream supported by non-profitable organization that are propping up tech startups with fluff money from western donors, experts have cautioned. A recent private equity confidence survey suggests that Kenya in particular is one of the place where fluff money from aid agencies has overrun the tech startup scene.

  • How Africa’s Silicon Savannah Is Out-Innovating Silicon Valley

    Mobile Money Revolution By Kevin Mwanza, 3:42 am

    The African techies were at the forefront of a revolution clicking into place from Lagos to Nairobi — and everywhere in between. Today, Africa’s “Silicon Savannah” has produced innovations as varied as Wi-Fi on public transportation in Kenya to mobile midwifery services in Ghana. These tech pioneers are quickly eclipsing many of the advances coming out of their American namesake.

  • Venture Capitalists Still Misinformed About Africa Tech Entreprenuers

    By Kevin Mwanza, 3:07 am

    From PC Advisor: The perceived challenges of businesses operating in Africa as well as the higher costs of due diligence and inexperience of the investors and entrepreneurs in the region have all worked to dampen the growth of venture capital funding for tech startups and mid-level businesses on the continent, according to industry insiders. Many […]

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