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  • Algeria Starts Construction On ‘High-Tech’ Border Wall At Moroccan Border

    "High tech" wall By Staff, 9:00 am

    The announcement comes soon after Morocco revealed its plan to launch its first reconnaissance satellite. The official aim of the wall is to fight against drug trafficking and strengthen the country’s security. The wall will include a technological surveillance system with a network of cameras and radar. A commission composed of senior officers, senior officials from the Algerian government, public works, telecommunications has been set up to oversee the construction of the “high-tech” wall.

  • Satellite Agreement Set To Expand Broadband Access In East And Central Africa

    Satellite Agreement Set To Expand Broadband Access In East And Central Africa - broadband africa shutterstock_128237849 East Africa's broadband boom | BiztechAfrica Mobile,Technology ... www.biztechafrica.com By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:39 am

    Dalkom, a privately owned operator based in Somalia, has signed an agreement with Intelsat SA for satellite services that will lead to expanded broadband access and capacity in East and Central Africa. Intelsat SA, integrated satellite communications specialist and operator of the world’s first globalized network, will assist Dalkom Somalia in increasing its broadband enterprise and direct-to-home (DTH) services in East and Central Africa and the Middle East. The multi-year agreement will allow Dalkom to incorporate Ku-band satellite services provided by Intelsat 17 to extend their current services

  • Ethiopian Space Race: Plans To Produce Satellites, Launch Rockets Locally

    Ethiopian space race By Dana Sanchez, 10:57 am

    A scholarly tradition tied to agriculture, stargazing in Ethiopia predates Christianity. Some historians argue that the first study of celestial bodies can be traced back to Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s space ambitions could make it the first country in the Horn of Africa and Northeast Africa to become a space power. Developing satellites and rocket launchers locally in Ethiopia could prompt Kenya, Uganda, Egypt and even Sudan to accelerate their own space ambitions.

  • Chinese Firm Buys Israeli Spacecom Despite Explosion That Blew Up Facebook Africa Payload

    Chinese firm buys Israeli Spacecom By Dana Sanchez, 5:18 pm

    Chinese company Xinwei agreed to buy Israeli satellite company Spacecom for $190 million despite a Sept. 1 rocket explosion on the launchpad in Florida that took Spacecom’s share prices down more than 50 percent. The explosion destroyed a rocket owned by tech and space entrepreneur Elon Musk and his company, SpaceX. It was carrying a satellite that Facebook had planned to use to expand internet access in Africa. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said he wouldn’t give up on internet for Africa.

  • Zuckerberg Says He Won’t Give Up On Internet For Africa

    Chinese firm buys Israeli Spacecom By Dana Sanchez, 6:01 pm

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is in Kenya today meeting tech entrepreneurs and promoting this week’s scheduled launch of an Internet satellite for rural Africa. He said he was “deeply disappointed” to hear that the satellite had been destroyed. “We remain committed to our mission of connecting everyone, and we will keep working until everyone has the opportunities this satellite would have provided,” he posted on Facebook. Losing the Amos-6 satellite, valued at $200M, could place the future of the industry in doubt, a stakeholder said.

  • Facebook In Africa Learning Curve: How Is Business A Year After Opening Shop?

    Facebook in Africa Facebook in Africa learning curve By Dana Sanchez, 11:18 am

    When it comes to selling advertising in Africa, Facebook is a newcomer. It still has a learning curve on how to do more business on the continent. A year after opening its first African office, the social media network has grown 18% in Kenya, 16% in South Africa, and 6% in Nigeria. That sounds like a lot, but it may not be fast enough for Facebook. A soon-to-be-launched Facebook satellite will allow more Africans to connect to the Internet, “not at the (current) rate, but we need to fast forward the rate people are connecting,” said Facebook Africa head Nunu Ntshingila.

  • How Technology Has Helped African Artists

    How Technology Has Helped African Artists By Staff, 12:02 am

    A growing number of sub­-Saharan African artists are realizing the importance of technology — social media, apps, websites and online platforms — focused on promoting and archiving African contemporary art. Smartphones, tablets and even satellite TV have also played a role, showing artists that despite the lack of artistic infrastructure across the region, there are still ways to reach out and get the attention of art managers, critics, collectors and gallerists around the world.

  • An Unlikely Space Race Is Springing Up In Africa

    Internet In Africa By Kevin Mwanza, 2:36 am

    Africa’s space race is hotting up with more countries on the continent setting up their own space programs. The continent’s largest economies including South Africa, Nigeria, Morroco, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt have all established space and satellite programs that aim to tap into growing importance of “big data” to inform governments decisions on security, agriculture. telecommunication and other key mapping use.

  • Total Loss: Israel’s Amos 5 Spacecom Satellite Over Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 9:29 am

    Russian satellite manufacturer JSC says an object may have hit a part of the Amos 5 satellite’s power supply. About a third of revenues from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange-listed company come from Amos 5, with customers concentrated in African markets through contracts with local operators such as Orange. Total loss of contact with a satellite is a highly uncommon event, industry experts say.

  • China to Provide Satellite, intelligence to Assist With Nigeria Kidnapping

    By Makula Dunbar, 5:26 pm

    Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Abuja, Nigeria’s president assured citizens and global onlookers that the current school girl kidnapping situation is the beginning of the end of terrorism in the country, a CCTV Africa report said. China has offered intelligence and satellite technology that will expedite the search process as the exact location of the girls is still unknown. With the help of the international community, President Goodluck Jonathan instilled confidence that the militant group Boko Haram will be brought to justice.

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