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  • 12 Most Valuable Tech Brands According To Africans

    By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:39 am AFKI Original

    Africans ascribe value to various tech brands that they use and love, with international businesses working hard to earn the trust and loyalty of the average African consumer. A growing middle class on the African continent is savvy and aware of what brands can offer them in terms of improving their lifestyle. Many of these brands have earned the respect and loyalty of African consumers, with BrandAfrica ranking them in terms of the most valued brands from an African perspective. We take a look at 12 of the most valuable global tech brands according to Africans.

  • Wearable Tech Market Shows Impressive Growth In Africa

    The wearable tech market is growing in Africa. Photo - Engadget By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:15 am

    While wearable tech is all the rage across the globe, Africa is not being left behind, with first quarter data showing impressive growth for the African region, alongside the Middle East. Wearable devices such as the Samsung Gear and Apple iWatch have gained traction in Africa, and the latest figures compiled by the International Data Corporation show an upward trend for the fashionable and functional accessories. The International Data Corporation’s Worldwide Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker for the first three months of 2017 illustrates that shipments of wearables were up 30.2 percent year-on-year.

  • 12 Most Admired Global Tech Brands According To Africans

    Most Admired Global Tech Brands According To Africans By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:09 am AFKI Original

    African consumers are increasingly able to enjoy numerous global tech brands due to a growing middle class on the continent that is savvy and mindful of what brands can offer them. Many of these brands have earned the admiration and loyalty of African consumers, with BrandAfrica ranking them in terms of the most admired brands from an African perspective. We take a look at 12 of the most admired global tech brands according to Africans.

  • African Techies Beat The App Craze By Building For Feature Phones

    African techies By Kevin Mwanza, 10:40 am

    African techies are capitalizing on a blind spot missed by the likes of Google, Samsung and Apple to build apps for non-smartphones – also known as feature phones — that are widely used on the continent. Out of the 550 million mobile phone subscribers in Africa less than a third own a smartphone, leaving a majority disenfranchised by the app revolution that mobile users enjoy in developed regions.

  • From Aid Recipient To Donor: South Korea Brings New Model, Competition To Africa

    South Korea Brings New Model By Dana Sanchez, 4:03 pm

    South Korea is counting on Africa’s rising middle class. The government wants President Park’s visit this week to Africa to be seen in line with the trends of major global powers such as the U.S., China and Japan. While the U.S. pushes for democracy alongside development, South Korea takes a different approach. It works with authoritarian regimes that prioritize growth over democracy. Samsung operates in 32 African countries and is designing products such as phones and fridges specifically with African consumers in mind.

  • Opinion: China’s Loss Is Korea’s Gain In Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:33 pm

    Korea, home to Samsung, Hyundai and LG, needs to seize opportunities in Africa now that China “is rapidly backfiring,” says a Korean professor of diplomacy. Samsung is the most popular mobile phone manufacturer among South Africans. The Hyundai i20 is in the South African Top 10 cars. “China is exporting workers abroad, which is not resonating well with the locals,” the professor said. Korea has the technological and financial capacity to help boost infrastructure development in Africa.

  • Why Are Africans Ditching Feature Phones For Smartphones?

    African techies By Kevin Mwanza, 1:03 am

    According to a Mobile Phone Tracker report from the International Data Corp (IDC), more and more Africans are ditching their feature phones for smartphones as Android and iOS supported devices become cheaper. The reports shows that feature phones, which have limited internet access due to their low memory space, sale dropped 20 percent year-on-year

  • Libreville Newest City To Host A Samsung Digital Village

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:45 pm

    Last week Samsung signed off on its seventh digital village in Libreville, Gabon, according to IT Web Africa. The solar powered shipping containers are placed in communities that could use assistance in the area of technological development. The village comes equipped with an internet school, health facilities, an administration facility, LED lighting and a solar powered generator. Two years ago, Samsung’s first digital village was unveiled in Johannesburg.

  • BlackBerry Still No. 1 In South Africa, Nigeria

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:37 pm

    What is BlackBerry’s appeal for the developing world? It appeals to a less-fickle customer than in developed markets . Africans tend to upgrade phones less often than consumers in developed countries, according to Phys.org. BlackBerry is considered a status symbol. And it’s well suited to less capable mobile networks. Users in Africa like the fact that they can exchange messages free on BlackBerry Messenger. The most recent record-selling BlackBerry in South Africa is three years old. Talk of a possible takeover has renewed interest in BlackBerry.

  • Samsung Sees Africa’s Growth Slowing On Delayed Global Weakness

    By Kevin Mwanza, 9:00 am

    Samsung Electronics expects its recent stellar revenue growth in Africa to slow sharply this year as the continent begins to succumb to the delayed effects of global economic weakness. The South Korean company has achieved African annual revenue growth of up to 60 percent in recent years through its aggressive sales push on products from phones to fridges, televisions and air conditioners.

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