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Rhino poaching: Latest News

  • Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers

    save the rhino - Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers By Mongabay, 4:51 am

    A DNA database system is helping authorities prosecute and convict poachers and rhino horn traffickers in Africa. RhODIS, as the system is called, is built on a foundational database with genetic information from nearly 4,000 individual rhinos. By comparing the frequencies of alleles in confiscated horn and horn products with those in tissue from a poached animal, investigators can then come up with a probable match for where that horn came from.

  • 12 Of The Best Places to See Rhinos in Kenya

    By Anthony Ham, 8:00 pm

    It is rare in these troubled times to hear good news about the rhino: poaching has returned and a creature that has been with us since the days of the dinosaurs seems in mortal peril. That danger is real, but the rhino is very much still among us, and Kenya remains one of the best places on the planet to see both the black and white rhino.

  • Dead Poachers: The Side Of Poaching You Rarely Hear About

    rhino horn By Dana Sanchez, 3:44 pm

    Almost 500 poachers — mostly Mozambican — have been killed since 2010 in South Africa’s Kruger Park, a top tourist attraction. Conservationist have tried everything to stop the slaughter. They’ve poisoned rhino horns, removed them, and relocated rhinos. None of it worked. A biotech startup hopes to save the endangered animal with a synthetic alternative indistinguishable from the real thing. Conservationists are skeptical.

  • 10 Reasons You Should Be Worried About Rhino Poaching

    instagrams of rhinos By Carri Wilbanks, 10:26 am AFKI Original

    South Africa and Swaziland are the only two countries in the world where you can legally hunt a rhino. Hunters are allowed to take the rhino horn home as a trophy. Rhino hunting syndicates are take advantage of this loophole to illegally sell and export rhino horn. In the trial against the Xaysavang syndicate Lieutenant Chumlong

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