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  • Nigerians Helped SA Liberation. ‘Now We’re Expendable.’ Are South Africans Naijaphobic?

    Telecom operators - Are South Africans Naijaphobic By Dana Sanchez, 9:08 am

    The allegation that Nigerians are taking up jobs that could otherwise go to black South Africans is false. Nigerians employ local people in their small businesses. The claim that Nigerians are destroying the moral fabric of the South Africa through drug peddling and prostitution is not entirely true. Yes, some Nigerians may be in the business but their number is negligible. They are however loud and showy, which could trigger envy. Most Nigerians in SA are legitimate — academics, professionals, artisans and other needed service providers. When Nigeria helped SA in its liberation struggles, “we were called brothers. Now, we are expendable strangers.”

  • Most Disputes Involving Private Investments In Africa Relate To Land Rights, Report Says

    By Mongabay, 9:25 am

    There’s a mistaken belief that Africa is a continent of empty, freely available land open for development. Companies investing in land in Africa feel they can cut a deal with the government, raze the land, and create vast plantations. “No land is unclaimed,” a stakeholder said. “Uprooting communities without their consent from their lands and traditional livelihoods creates conflicts and social unrest.” Most disputes involving private investments in Africa – 63 percent – relate to local people being displaced off their land. These disputes affect sugarcane and palm oil production, mining for gold, diamonds and coal, and green energy to harvest wind and solar power.

  • Opinion: Why You Have To Go To South Africa If You’re In The Market For A Cruising Catamaran

    Cruising Catamaran By Dana Sanchez, 3:36 pm

    Tim Murphy, editor of U.S.-based Cruising World, traveled to Cape Town to meet South African boat builders, tour their yards, and sail some catamarans. What he found surprised him: a unique blend of business conditions in South Africa that contribute to the industry’s success, and “some of the lightest, stiffest, highest-­tech sailboat structures available anywhere in the world.” See why building on a small scale has helped grow South Africa’s reputation and competitive edge for producing artisan cats.

  • The African Country Everyone Loves To Hate: Is South Africa The New Underdog?

    voting south africa election By Dana Sanchez, 11:52 am

    South Africa’s reputation in Africa is vital to its “soft power” — its ability to persuade rather than force other countries to do what it wants, according to a foreign policy expert. If the South African government wants to change perceptions, it must work closely with the private sector. Businesses are usually directly involved in shaping perceptions in Africa. “I think corporate South Africa must take a hard look at how they engage in the continent.”

  • Mauritius Investments in 2015 Targeted Luxury Real Estate, Not Financial Services

    By Staff, 1:34 pm

    Like other emerging economies, Mauritius has been hurt recently by investments being diverted to other destinations perceived safer in the developed world. Investments in the Indian Ocean island fell by nearly 30% to about $200 million in 2015 through September. Investments that did come in targeted luxury real estate rather than manufacturing, outsourcing, ICT and financial services.

  • African Business Leaders Ahead Of Global Peers In Risk Management Says PwC

    risk management By Staff, 4:50 pm

    Top risks for doing business in Africa? Not bribery and corruption but regulations, policy changes, technology and inadequate infrastructure, according to a new PwC report. One concern for African companies is the risk to brand or reputation from social media. Africa-based companies are addressing risk strategy and management and they’re doing it better than their global peers, says PwC.

  • Growing Chorus To Boycott South African Products, Services

    By Dana Sanchez, 12:42 pm

    Some groups around Africa say boycotts are not enough. They want eye-for-an-eye retaliation. Others are being slower to judge. It’s impossible to underestimate how much the rest of Africa is turning against South Africa, said an entrepreneur who manages reputations. Companies are responding with a reality check. MTN warned that 6,000 Nigerians could lose their jobs if MTN has to leave.

  • Survey: South Africa Maintains Its Global Reputation

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:17 pm

    South Africa ranked 36th in the latest Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index, released Thursday. Botswana entered the rankings for the first time at No. 48, ahead of Nigeria and Iran.

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