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reduce carbon emissions: Latest News

  • World Bank Paying Ethiopia $68M For Carbon Trading, Green Business Development

    carbon trading By Mongabay, 1:34 pm

    Ethiopia has failed to make the most of emission reduction projects that allow developing countries to sell certified carbon credits, a stakeholder said. Making carbon credits marketable requires time, substantial investment and resources. Even then, a prospective buyer might reject them. Proponents say the carbon trading projects can’t come soon enough. The country is losing five times more forest than it’s planting. If Ethiopia is strategic, it can sell abundant resources like water to help power industrialization, boost tourism, boost electricity generation and create a wealthy green economy. And it’s renewable.

  • Not The First In Africa: Cape Town To Use Electric Buses

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:14 pm

    Cape Town plans to issue a tender by February to buy electric buses. Electric buses have been used in Cameroon since May 2014 at the University of Yaoundé. Bolloré Africa Logistics claims to be a market leader in Cameroon’s integrated logistics sector and developer of the first electric bus line in Central Africa. Chinese auto manufacturer BYD is the largest manufacturer of electric buses worldwide and surpassed the U.S. in 2015 for bus market volumes.

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