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Protectionism: Latest News

  • Trumponomics: Why African Countries Need To Trade More Among Themselves

    African countries need to trade more among themselves By Staff, 5:32 pm

    Over the last 20 years, Africa’s trade with emerging markets has grown rapidly. A slowdown in global trade could hurt demand for Africa’s export commodities. To counter this, African economies must boost intraregional trade. While unlikely to compensate for a global trade slowdown, this might mitigate some of its more negative effects. Faced with the threat of new disruptions to existing trade patterns, it’s important that African economies start trading more among themselves.

  • Emirates Plans To Fly Between Almost Every African Market And Asia

    Emirates Plans To Fly Between Almost Every African Market And Asia By Dana Sanchez, 9:24 am

    Emirates airline is benefiting from demand for business class seats for its African flights. The national carrier of the UAE plans to add 10 African destinations in 10 years. Despite protectionism and inadequate infrastructure in African airports, the airline has become one of the largest operating in Africa. Here’s how it managed to do that.

  • Opinion: African Free Trade Zone Is Good News – If Properly Implemented

    By Staff, 3:32 am

    “Potentially historic” is the right term for what could be a greatly beneficial agreement. African parliaments will have two years to ratify the agreement – and that is the easy part. Proper implementation and enforcement will be much more difficult in countries with deeply underdeveloped institutions of rule of law and protection of private property. Still, the TFTA is a step in the right direction,

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