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  • Why A Global Private Airline Should Be The Next Step In African Aviation

    Ethiopian Airlines is an example to the African aviation industry. Image: addisababaonline.com By Kurt Davis Jr., 6:04 am AFKI Original

    Today the airline industry in Africa is drastically different from a decade ago. The economic growth in the region and improved political stability underpin increased international traffic on the African continent, and perhaps it is time for Africa to have its own global private airline. Estimates place Africa as the third fastest growing region in this category, trailing only the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

  • Ethiopia Moves Toward Privatization. It’s Not about Money. It’s About Tech.

    Ethiopia moves toward privatizatio By Dana Sanchez, 11:20 pm

    Foreigners have been invited to invest in Ethiopia’s state-owned shipping and logistics company. Will telecommunications and banks be next? Ethiopia is one of the last African countries to have a state monopoly in telecoms. The U.S. hopes to bring its technology, know-how and managerial skills to Ethiopia. The American Chamber of Commerce of Ethiopia was launched in November. “The private sector needs a level playing field that allows fair competition with state-owned enterprises,” a U.S. stakeholder said.

  • Opinion: Africa Needs More Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts

    Africa needs more healthcare real estate investment trusts By Dana Sanchez, 1:39 pm

    There is a gap for hospital services in Africa and property investors can benefit from this with healthcare real estate investment trusts, an expert says. A REIT is a company that owns, and in most cases operates, income-producing real estate. Large hospital owners like Netcare or Life Healthcare in South Africa could sell hospitals to a property manager who runs a healthcare REIT. The REIT would then lease them back. REITs provide investors with a liquid stake in real estate, special tax considerations and typically high-dividend yields. In more mature markets, healthcare REITs are often popular investments.

  • Changing Trends In Chinese Immigrating To Africa For Business Opportunities

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:24 pm

    These days, Chinese arrivals mostly enter Africa as private citizens seeking business opportunities, not as workers for Chinese infrastructure projects. They’re highly adaptable and one result of the massive influx is new Chinatowsn popping up all over Africa. One example is Cyrildene Chinatown in a formerly predominantly Jewish neighborhood. It quickly displaced a century-old downtown Chinatown to become the most concentrated area of Chinese in Southern Africa.

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About South African Airways

    South African Airways By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:40 am AFKI Original

    South African Airways (SAA) is one of the biggest airlines on the continent, with numerous international routes allowing South Africans to travel globally thanks to SAA’s resources and partnerships with other airline groups, including fellow Star Alliance members. In this article we take a closer look at 8 things you may not know about national carrier, South African Airways.

  • Opinion: To Be More Competitive, U.S. Needs To Sponsor Data Collection In Africa

    U.S. needs to sponsor data collection in Africa By Dana Sanchez, 12:30 pm

    Lack of information on emerging markets prevents even standard comparative analysis of economies when deciding where to invest. It’s even worse in the private sector. Low-quality data may be useful in some cases but can quickly undermine corporate reputations. This reality displays the need for new actors in the data aggregation and publication space — actors like the U.S. government. An Asian-American congresswoman from Queens is working on finding money to do that.

  • Spotlight On Benin’s West African Union University. Its Product? Young African Leaders

    West African Union University By Dana Sanchez, 9:26 am

    Benin’s private West African Union University wants to produce the continent’s leaders of tomorrow. About 300 students are enrolled from Benin, Nigeria and Togo. For economics lecturer Emily Ikhide, today’s class is about teaching the fundamentals and making the students believe in themselves, getting them to understand they could be leaders. One in three students at the university gets a scholarship. The rest pay tuition of about $1,100 per semester.

  • Ivory Coast’s Economic Comeback: Can Roads And Bridges Build Peace?

    By Staff, 2:26 pm

    In the civil war of 2002, Ivory Coast lost its standing as one of the most advanced economies on the continent while neighboring Ghana and other economies took off. The world’s top cocoa producer is making a comeback with new roads and bridges and development. A short drive from the central business district, it’s apparent that strong growth has not had a trickle-down effect.

  • Namibia To Follow Millennium Challenge Development Success

    By Staff, 4:59 pm

    The success achieved by the Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Namibia programme, which rounded off its activities in September last year after a five-year run in the country, could easily be replicated through other public and private entities provided that such entities focus on results, says Kandi Shejavali, who was responsible for monitoring and evaluation of MCA Namibia programmes.

  • 17 Signs You’ve Been Spending Too Much Time Alone

    By Keren Mikva, 1:19 pm AFKI Original

    Alone time is important. We all need time to get in touch with who we are and what we are, and allow our thoughts to circle around uninterrupted. But when the hours drag into days and weeks, there may be some unintended consequences. Like when your parents take a second to remember who you are when you finally phone home.
    “Hi, Mom, it’s me!”
    “Sorry, who?”
    “Me, Charlie!”
    “Your son, Mom. Thanks.”
    Here are 10 signs you’ve been spending too much time alone.

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