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  • Why A Cape Verdean Brought The First TEDx Conference To The Country

    Cape Verde TEDx By Ann Brown, 12:48 pm AFKI Original

    There is no Silicon Valley in Cape Verde. The government sells a lot of tech services that independent companies could be providing, acting as both regulator and provider. This limits the private market, says Pedro Fernandes Lopes, a local who is bringing the first TEDx talk event to the island nation. It took a local Cape Verdean tech startup months just to register an app because Google didn’t recognize Cape Verde, Lopes told AFKInsider. “We need to raise the global visibility of Cape Verde and its tech innovators. And I think TEDx Praia will play a part in that.”

  • Ecobus Runs On Vegetable Oil. It Also Runs On Time, Something Other Cabo Verdean Minibus Operators Find Threatening

    Ecobus runs on vegetable oil By Ann Brown, 12:01 am AFKI Original

    In the capital city of Cabo Verde, transportation can be disorganized, even chaotic. Fáron Peckham, a transplanted New Yorker, saw a business opportunity. He began his Ecobus taxi company on the island of Santiago to try and bring some order to the chaos. If you’re a taxi company, using free renewable energy while running on schedule sounds like a great idea that solves several problems. But some of the other taxi operators didn’t like it.

  • Cachupa! Taste-Testing The National Dish Of Cape Verde

    By Ann Brown, 6:30 pm

    I went on a cachupa tasting test in Praia, trying the dish all around town. That’s when I discovered that everyone makes cachupa differently — and you can get it everywhere. Almost every restaurant serves it. On Saturdays you can find people cooking it in large kettle pots outside of their homes for hours and serving it up to everyone in the neighborhood — sometimes for money, sometimes for free. Men and women alike cook cachupa. And some of the best I have had were actually cooked up by men.

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