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  • DR Congo To Increase Copper Production By Importing Power From South Africa

    Importing power from South Africa will boost DR Congo's copper production. By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:29 am

    The Democratic Republic of Congo hopes to import 200 megawatts of power from South Africa, which would enable Africa’s largest copper-producing nation to boost copper production in 2017 by as much as 20 percent. South African state-owned utility Eskom has made 1000 megawatts available for export over the next decade. Trust issues between mining companies and the Congolese state-owned power company threaten to derail the deal. Previous promises to deliver energy supply have failed.

  • Opinion: A Robust Auto Industry Could Make Nigeria One Of Top 10 World Economies

    robust auto industry could make Nigeria By Staff, 5:36 pm

    Poor power supply is partly to blame for the Nigerian government’s inability to build a robust auto industry. That leaves vehicle imports as one of the only ways to meet local demand. Nigeria’s auto market is worth over $4 billion a year, but it does not translate into anything meaningful, a stakeholder said. Starting in 2015, stiff new tariffs were levied on new and used Nigerian vehicle imports. Imports fell more than 50 percent.

  • Investment Opportunity: Ivory Coast Electricity, Water Monopoly Could Be Ending

    Ivory Coast electricity By Dana Sanchez, 11:12 am

    Electricity distribution in Ivory Coast is controlled by a unit of Eranove, which is 56 percent owned by Washington, D.C.-based private equity firm Emerging Capital Partners and 19 percent by Paris-based Axa. Eranove also has a stake in the country’s water distribution. Eranove says it operates an installed electricity capacity of over 1100 megawatts in Ivory Coast. That’s more than half Ivory Coast’s power production capacity.

  • India Wants To Buy South African Coal Mines To Feed Its Resurgent Coal Industry

    India Wants To Buy South African Coal Mines By Dana Sanchez, 4:58 pm

    India doesn’t have enough reserves of coking coal to feed its expanding steel industry so it’s in talks with South Africa to buy coal mines there. Environmentalists are worried. Coal India provides more than half of India’s power. Eskom supplies about 95% of South Africa’s power, mainly from coal. Global investment banks are being pressured by environmental groups to steer clear of dirty energy.

  • Investing in Africa: African American Says Race Is Not The Issue, Power Supply Is

    By Staff, 3:00 am

    Power supply is one of the issues Kwame Dougan has run into investing in Africa. Dougan was born in Ghana, but raised and educated in Canada and the U.S. He is managing partner and co-founder of iYa Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in technology companies in Africa. Frequent power outages really increase the cost of doing business, he said.

  • South Africans To Receive Credits For Rooftop Solar Electricity

    solar in Africa By Staff, 4:42 am

    South Africa’s energy regulator is looking at a framework that would enable homes and businesses to receive credits for feeding surplus power they generate from rooftop solar panels back into the constrained electricity grid. “There is growing interest from South African electricity customers to install rooftop photovoltaic systems in order to reduce their electricity bill and supplement their consumption,”

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