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nuclear technology: Latest News

  • South Africa Could Lose $69B By 2030 If Nuclear Is Thrown Out

    By Staff, 6:47 am

    On Thursday, the Nuclear Industry Association of Southern Africa (NIASA) hosted a round-table in Johannesburg, with the concluding discussion leaning in favour of Nuclear being a vital part of the country’s energy mix. According to iol news, economists have said that if new nuclear technology is not integrated into the energy mix, the country’s economy could lose around ZAR1.4 trillion ($69 billion) and over five million jobs by 2030.

  • Opinion: Nuclear Is Technology Of The Past, Not The Future

    A Chernobyl radiation warning sign hangs outside a café. Photo: Wiki/VOA public domain By Dana Sanchez, 12:38 pm

    Mired in an energy crisis, South Africa signed a controversial agreement with Russia in September to talk about building 9,600-megawatts of new nuclear energy. Nuclear “is a dying industry and there are just too many unanswered questions for South Africa to go down this path,” said a Russian environmental activist visiting SA to talk about the deal. The country should look instead to renewable energy, he said.

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