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Nigerian military: Latest News

  • Nigerian Military Will Use Space Technology For Security

    space By Staff, 8:16 am

    Chief of Defence Staff, General Gabriel Olonisakin, said the Nigerian Military would utilize space technology in security. Olonisakin said the integration of space capabilities into the military functions would give the Armed Forces of Nigeria an array of technological capabilities with multitude of effects to gain battle ground superiority against adversaries. Olonisakin insisted that time had come for Nigeria to explore the space technology in the defence of its territorial interests.

  • Rumors, Government Inaction Surround Nigeria’s Stolen Girls

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:59 pm

    Every home in Chibok, Nigeria, has been affected by the kidnappings. The only information families have about the kidnapped girls is from the girls who escaped, NewYorker reports. “Nobody rescued them,” a government official in Chibok said of the girls who made it back. “I want you to stress this point. Nobody rescued them. They escaped on their accord. This is painful.”

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