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Nigerian Americans: Latest News

  • Silicon Valley Incubator Funds Nigerian-American Startup To Help African Businesses Find Trustworthy Partners

    Nigerian-American startup - Ikenna Nzewi, Isaiah Udotong and Uzoma Ayogu are the Nigerian-American founders of Releaf. Photo - Just Shoot Photography By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:29 am

    Solving one of the most frequently sited problems in Nigerian agribusiness, Nigerian-American startup Releaf facilitates a business-to-business marketplace that enables Nigerian businesses to find customers and partners that they can trust. The startup, which is currently taking part in Y Combinator, has signed up around 1,000 African businesses since its public launch in Nigeria at the start of August.

  • What Diaspora Nigerians Are Saying About Goodluck Jonathan

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:17 pm

    Security and 200 missing schoolgirls were on the minds of Nigerian Americans living in the diaspora who attended a town hall meeting this week expecting to meet President Goodluck Jonathan. Instead, they got Arunma Oteh, head of Nigeria’s Securities and Exchange Commission. The meeting was supposed to be a place where Nigerians in the diaspora could celebrate Nigeria’s positives but also address its challenges, VOA reports. One audience member said the town hall was more or less a sales speech for the president’s political agenda for the next election. Another said, “It’s insulting to our intelligence when someone says ‘don’t come over here and talk about Nigeria in a bad way’ when bad things are happening over there.”

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