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  • Why A Cape Verdean Brought The First TEDx Conference To The Country

    Cape Verde TEDx By Ann Brown, 12:48 pm AFKI Original

    There is no Silicon Valley in Cape Verde. The government sells a lot of tech services that independent companies could be providing, acting as both regulator and provider. This limits the private market, says Pedro Fernandes Lopes, a local who is bringing the first TEDx talk event to the island nation. It took a local Cape Verdean tech startup months just to register an app because Google didn’t recognize Cape Verde, Lopes told AFKInsider. “We need to raise the global visibility of Cape Verde and its tech innovators. And I think TEDx Praia will play a part in that.”

  • 30 African Tech Startups Chosen To Pitch At DEMO Africa

    DEMO Africa alumni. By Dana Sanchez, 4:20 pm

    Thirty tech startups from seven African countries have been chosen out of 600 applicants to launch their products and tell their stories — in just 90 seconds — at the 2015 DEMO Africa event, scheduled for September in Lagos. DEMO Africa is part of a public-private initiative launched by the U.S. State Department with Microsoft and USAID, among others. AFKInsider has listed all 30 African startups including the entrepreneurs’ names.

  • Five Tips For Success By Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs

    By Kevin Mwanza, 5:36 am

    Being a young entrepreneur is difficult, no matter where you are from. But in Africa, the challenges are often far more emphasised. Resources, financing, mentorship and supporting services are even scarcer. Yet despite this, the continent’s youth unemployment is higher than elsewhere, and for many young Africans, entrepreneurship is less of a choice, and more of a requisite for survival.

  • Farming Mentorship Program a Success in Namibia

    By Makula Dunbar, 10:08 am

    East Region farmers have praised the mentorship programme run by the Finnish Embassy in Namibia in conjunction with the Meat Board as well as the Livestock Producers Forum (LPF). The programme currently supports 900 farmers in the Zambezi, Kavango East and West as well as other northern regions. According to the booklet titled “Marketing and Animal Health Management”, the mentorship programme covers topics such as selection of beef cattle, various diseases affecting cattle, mineral deficiencies, external and internal parasites. Discussions are held once a month and trained mentors give advice to farmers on concerns around farming.

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