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  • PR Expert Moves Back To Nigeria Where Demand Is Growing For Her Services

    PR Expert By Ann Brown, 1:21 am AFKI Original

    Nigerian entrepreneur Bukky-Karibi Whyte is the head of successful PR Firm, The Bobby Taylor Company, which she started in North America and decided to relocate to Nigeria. Relocating her company home allowed her to better cater for local clientele, and while she admits to having to work twice as hard to prove herself as a women, she is clearly proving her title as a PR expert.

  • Need For Economic Diversification Drives Public Relations In Africa

    By Staff, 8:27 am

    In some African countries the media are underdeveloped, and it’s common practice to pay for journalists to attend events. This is problematic for most multinationals, yet it is standard practice. Countries historically reliant on extractive industries are hungry for communications services that help them promote foreign investment, foster enterprise and reach out across the populace to promote innovation.

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