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MallForAfrica: Latest News

  • MallforAfrica And eBay Partner So Africans Can Sell Handmade Goods To US Consumers

    MallforAfrica And eBay Provide Opportunity For Africans To Sell Handmade Goods To US Consumers By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:36 am

    African e-commerce platform MallforAfrica and global market leader eBay have announced a development that builds on their existing partnership to enable the sale of African handmade goods into the U.S.. MallforAfrica and eBay will now provide Africans in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, and Rwanda with a new platform to sell their unique artisan products into the U.S.

  • Mobile Money Network Working With MallforAfrica To Enable Digital Payments

    Digital payments - MallforAfrica is an e-commerce platform that allows Africans to buy online internationally. Photo: MFA By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:49 am

    Global B2B cross-border mobile payments network, TransferTo, is working with African e-commerce platform, MallforAfrica, to offer digital payments that give online shoppers in Africa access to over 200 major e-retailers across Europe and the U.S. Founded in 2011, MallforAfrica enables Africans to purchase products from numerous international online retailers through their e-commerce platform. There are over 277 million registered mobile money accounts in Africa, far more than the number of open bank accounts, giving mobile money the potential to be a primary enabler of e-commerce payments in Africa

  • MallforAfrica Launches Dedicated Website To Give Africans Direct Access To Millions Of eBay Products

    Digital payments - MallforAfrica is an e-commerce platform that allows Africans to buy online internationally. Photo: MFA By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:26 am

    African e-commerce platform MallforAfrica (MFA) has announced the launch of a new dedicated website for eBay shopping enthusiasts in Africa. Available in Nigeria and Kenya, before a role out to other African countries, the website ebayforafrica.com see the online site extend its relationship with eBay for the benefit of customers in Africa, allowing them to access tens of millions of eBay.com listings directly from the site. African online shoppers will now have unprecedented access to millions more products.

  • Q & A: E-Commerce Platform MallForAfrica Caters To Africa’s Fashionistas

    By Veronica Pamoukaghlian, 12:58 pm AFKI Original

    Nigerian-owned MallForAfrica has grown tenfold in the past year, and counts among its partners Amazon, BestBuy, and Bloomingdale’s. But there are still some challenges, said CEO Chris Folayan in an interview with AFKInsider. “The knee-jerk reaction from saying the word ‘Africa’ is still almost a sure thing when talking to retailers,” he said.

  • MallForAfrica Platform Lets Africans Shop U.S., U.K. Stores

    By Susan Erwin, 10:06 am AFKI Original

    Africans tend to be brand-centric and would prefer to purchase original, real-brand products instead of knock-offs mass produced and cheaply made, says the Nigerian-American CEO of MallForAfrica.com. The U.S.-based platform allows Nigerians to shop U.S. and U.K. brick-and-mortar stores for delivery on their doorsteps. The website will be available next in Ghana and Kenya.

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