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  • 9 Things To Expect In African Real Estate Markets In 2017

    African real estate markets By Dana Sanchez, 2:22 pm AFKI Original

    Shopping is changing in Africa. Formal retail developers are learning from the failures of malls in developed markets like the U.S., and applying new models to old ideas. African micro enterprises and small businesses will have a greater demand for shared space and flexible office space in the future. New or existing African office developments will need to apply design principles used in innovation labs, incubation centers and flexible work spaces, a stakeholder said.

  • Mauritius Investments in 2015 Targeted Luxury Real Estate, Not Financial Services

    By Staff, 1:34 pm

    Like other emerging economies, Mauritius has been hurt recently by investments being diverted to other destinations perceived safer in the developed world. Investments in the Indian Ocean island fell by nearly 30% to about $200 million in 2015 through September. Investments that did come in targeted luxury real estate rather than manufacturing, outsourcing, ICT and financial services.

  • Ethiopia’s Luxury Property 10 Times Cheaper Than Angola’s – Lamudi

    By Kevin Mwanza, 6:30 am

    Luxury property in Ethiopia cost a 10th of what Africa’s most expensive market Angola offers and is ranked the most affordable luxury real estate destination among 34 emerging markets countries covered by online property portal Lamudi. According to the report, luxury real estate in the East African nation costs an average of 396.58 euro per square meter, exactly ten times cheaper than in oil-rich Angola

  • Cape Town 1 Of 3 Cities Attracting World’s Ultra Rich Luxury Home Buyers

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:26 pm

    Fear of political instability is stimulating the world’s ultra rich home buyers to invest in luxury real estate in cities that they can flee to. Luxury residential real estate encapsulates a core part of the identity of the ultra rich, said Wealth-X President David Friedman. “It touches upon several key elements in an ultra-affluent individual’s life, including lifestyle, investments and family. As their wealth continues to grow, so will their investment fueled by flight to safety from less geopolitically stable geographies.”

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