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Local manufacturing: Latest News

  • Ethiopian Space Race: Plans To Produce Satellites, Launch Rockets Locally

    Ethiopian space race By Dana Sanchez, 10:57 am

    A scholarly tradition tied to agriculture, stargazing in Ethiopia predates Christianity. Some historians argue that the first study of celestial bodies can be traced back to Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s space ambitions could make it the first country in the Horn of Africa and Northeast Africa to become a space power. Developing satellites and rocket launchers locally in Ethiopia could prompt Kenya, Uganda, Egypt and even Sudan to accelerate their own space ambitions.

  • Nigeria Imposes 35% Levy On Imported Vehicles To Support Local Assembly

    By Kevin Mwanza, 8:17 am

    As part of its determination to encourage newly licensed automotive brands that aim to build assembly plants in Nigeria, the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) has commenced the full implementation of the Federal Government automotive policy. The automotive policy, allows for an importer to pay 35 percent duty and 35 percent levy on imported vehicles and Customs has started the collection of 35 percent levy on imported new vehicles, which was originally scheduled to commence in January 2015

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