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Lagos: Latest News

  • Google Reveals New Mentorship Program And Launchpad Space For African Startups

    Mentorship program - African startups to benefit from a new Google Launchpad program. Photo - Google By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:55 am

    Google has launched a mentorship program that is specifically focused on supporting African tech entrepreneurs, with a new Google Launchpad space now available in Nigeria. Google Developers Launchpad Africa, which will operate from a new Google Launchpad Space in Lagos, is a mentorship program that aims to provide tech startups based in Africa with the tools to build sustainable businesses.

  • Kenyan Taxi-Hailing App To Take On Uber And Taxify In Nigeria

    Taxi-Hailing App By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:33 am

    A Kenyan taxi-hailing app called Little Cab is set to take on the Nigerian market from October, moving on to turf currently dominated by more established players in Uber and Taxify. Kenyan tech firm Craft Silicon’s on-demand ride service, which is backed by leading East African mobile operator Safaricom, will launch operations in the Nigerian city of Lagos from October 8.

  • Explore An Urban Park In Nigeria That Few Lagosians Know About

    urban park in Nigeria By Staff, 6:23 pm

    The Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the few natural relics in Lagos, and one of the city’s best kept secrets. Few Lagosians have any idea that it exists, let alone visit, though it’s been around for at least 25 years. That’s because they see Lagos as a completely built-up environment with little nature to spare. But after taking just a few steps into the 78-hectare wilderness, I feel the sound of honking traffic receding, replaced by ripples from the swamp water underneath the boardwalk. Soon the noise is gone and I am fully in nature’s embrace.

  • Friend Me: Mark Zuckerberg Makes First-Ever Visit To Sub-Saharan Africa

    Mark Zuckerberg By Dana Sanchez, 2:49 pm

    The world’s seventh wealthiest man is in Nigeria and plans to attend the Facebook for Developers Workshop Wednesday in Lagos. Zuckerberg posted about his Africa visit on his own Facebook page. “Next stop: Lagos!” he said after he and wife Chan visited Pope Francis Monday at the Vatican. “There’s so much energy and so much potential here (in Nigeria). I just want to walk around and meet folks,” he said. More people use Facebook in Nigeria than anywhere else in Africa.

  • Exploring The Street Markets In Lagos, Nigeria

    street markets in lagos By Staff, 7:00 pm

    Shopping in Lagos, especially for souvenirs, isn’t exactly a well-defined experience. There there isn’t a quaint old town center, nor is there a strip of great boutiques or a famous shopping street. But if you’re bent on leaving Africa with a wooden knickknack or tribal painting, there are a couple of street markets in Lagos which cater to tourists to varying degrees, and which could be worth visiting if you’re a bit intrepid.

  • Late Night Nigeria: Where To Drink And Party In Lagos

    party in lagos By Joe Kennedy, 7:00 pm

    Lagos is undoubtedly one of the best nightlife spots in Africa. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the city is known for its music and film industries, and those folks always like to party. Of course, other locals, tourists and expats like to party as well, and there are plenty of places around the city where they can let their hair down and do just that. From lavish clubs filled with celebrities to casual lounges, here are the best places to get drunk and party it up in Lagos, Nigeria.

  • #InLoveWithAfrica: Savoring The Sights, Sounds And Textures of Lagos

    lagos By Anne Mucheke-Muriungi, 9:46 am

    In this installment of the #InLoveWithAfrica series, Anne Mucheke-Muriungi revels in the sensory overload that is Lagos. “The richness of the culture is conveyed in the music, sonances, voices and echoes of a thousand venues. Sitting at Bogobiri House’s open mic nights with upcoming poets and writers as you drink hot pepper soup. The band strikes up a tune and you are likely to catch snippets of Marley, Fela and even Asa’. Be ready to eavesdrop on the latest political and business gossip from the locals or foreign correspondents calling it a day.”

  • Hard Rock Cafe Opens In Nigeria’s Populous City, Lagos

    By Kevin Mwanza, 8:31 am

    International rock and roll-themed restaurant Hard Rock Cafe has opened its first outlet in Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos, as it expanded to the fourth country on the continent. Hard Rock Cafe, which already operates in South Africa, Egypt and Tunisia, has set up a restaurant with a swimming pool, three bars and its famous Rock Shop in the exclusive Atlantic coast city, that will draw in the wealthy, middle and elite class in Africa’s largest economy.

  • Plunge In Commodity Prices Expose African Cities To Investors

    By Kevin Mwanza, 8:42 am

    The fall in commodity prices on the international market has left many investors seeking alternative investments in Africa were most economies are supported by the export of metals, oil and agricultural produce such as coffee and cocoa. According to a Reuters report, investors on the continent have now turned their focus to other sectors including retail, financial services, technology and real estate.

  • Blame It On The Price Of Crude: Luxury Car Sales Down In Nigeria

    Luxury Car Sales Down In Nigeria By Dana Sanchez, 5:19 pm

    The fall in global crude prices is hurting the Porsche dealer in Lagos. Despite the pain caused by the oil price crash, Africa’s leading economy grew by 3 percent in 2015. Nigeria is a far more resilient economy than many give it credit for, said the CEO of a Lagos-based private equity firm. Oil revenues account for 75-to-80% of Nigeria’s government budget. Buhari expects a budget deficit of $15 billion in 2016 and has asked African Development Bank for a $1 billion loan, the bank said Tuesday.

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