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Kenya farmers: Latest News

  • Entrepreneur Links Small-Scale African Farmers With Venture Capitalists

    small-scale African farmers with venture capitalists By Ann Brown, 1:13 pm AFKI Original

    There are millions of small-scale farmers locked out of Kenya’s formal economy. Alex Muriu is finding a way to help them. He created Farm Capital Africa to invest in profitable business ventures in the underfunded agricultural sector. He uses the internet to raise funds for agripreneurs — mostly youth and women age 25 to 35 — so they can scale up their agricultural ventures. “We have had some challenges,” Muriu told AFKInsider. “Social-impact investors are not as rampant as profit-making investors.”

  • Kenya Seed Company Debuts New Disease Resistant Maize

    By Ann Brown, 8:00 pm

    From Standard Kenya Seed Company has released a new maize seed that is resistant to the vicious striga weed. It also guarantees farmers a harvest three times bigger than current levels. The new seed dubbed StrigAway ican survive the destructive and parasitic weed referred to as Kayongo (Luo), Oluyongo (Luhya), Imoto (Teso), and Kiduha (Kiswahili). […]

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