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  • Why A Cape Verdean Brought The First TEDx Conference To The Country

    Cape Verde TEDx By Ann Brown, 12:48 pm AFKI Original

    There is no Silicon Valley in Cape Verde. The government sells a lot of tech services that independent companies could be providing, acting as both regulator and provider. This limits the private market, says Pedro Fernandes Lopes, a local who is bringing the first TEDx talk event to the island nation. It took a local Cape Verdean tech startup months just to register an app because Google didn’t recognize Cape Verde, Lopes told AFKInsider. “We need to raise the global visibility of Cape Verde and its tech innovators. And I think TEDx Praia will play a part in that.”

  • St. Helena, Where The Bank Regulator Sails 8,000 Miles To Work

    By Staff, 5:27 am

    Mr. Duncan is Chairman of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of St. Helena, a rocky tropical isle 1,200 miles off Africa’s coast. Amid burgeoning global financial regulation, even tiny outposts need oversight, Mr. Duncan says. Could the financial system of St. Helena, population about 4,600, ever implode? “Yes,” he says. Among other things, “the bank is on top of a volcano.”

  • 12 Reasons To Visit The Comoros

    By Keren Mikva, 11:00 am AFKI Original

    As the world’s No. 1 producer of ylang-ylang essence, and No. 2 for vanilla, the Comoros is a leader in world perfume production. It’s known as the Perfumed Islands. Visit small markets to find your favorite scent, or a perfume flower plantation where you can get a sample of concentrated perfume oil straight from the source. Despite a wealth of natural resources that would lend itself to tourism, the Cormoros does not have a well-developed tourist industry. All the more reason to go — it’s uncrowded. Here are 12 reasons to visit the Comoros.

  • 15 Can’t-Miss Places In Australia

    By Keren Mikva, 3:29 pm AFKI Original

    Karijini is one of the national parks to visit in Australia. Natural freshwater pools are commonplace throughout the park, and sparkling waterfalls, rugged gorges, and fun opportunities for off-roading draw thousands of visitors each year. Tracks of varying difficulty wind through Australia’s second largest national park, providing suitable hikes for people of all levels. These 15 can’t-miss places in Australia are some of its most impressive and beautiful spots, and should be on your list the next time you travel down under.

  • 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Cuba’s Relationship With The World

    By Keren Mikva, 1:50 pm AFKI Original

    Foreign investment in Cuba has actually decreased in recent years despite President Raúl Castro’s incentives. In 2013, Castro attempted to attract foreign investment by promising investors greater control over wage setting and a quick turnaround – 60 days – for proposals. However, continuing tight bureaucracy kept wary foreign investors at bay. More investors have left the country in the past few years than arrived. In mid December, the U.S. and Cuba restored diplomatic ties cut in 1960. Here are 15 things you didn’t know about Cuba’s relationship with the world.

  • 10 Caribbean Resorts to Visit this Winter

    By Becca Blond, 12:00 pm

    The BodyHoliday at Gros Islet, St. Lucia, doesn’t come cheap, but you can be sure you won’t go home five pounds heavier than when you arrived. The rate includes food, beverages, and activities from scuba diving to yoga. Guests even get a daily massage!

  • Seychelles, Mauritius Hospitality Academies Working Together, Renew MOU

    By Makula Dunbar, 2:00 pm

    The Seychelles Tourism Academy and the Constance Hospitality Academy of Mauritius has renewed their existing working partnership with the signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding.

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