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  • Africa Still Has Lowest Internet Speeds In The World

    internet speeds By Staff, 8:16 am

    It would take more than a day to download a high definition movie of 7.5 gigabytes in countries with the slowest internet speeds. It turns out most of those countries are in Africa, data from a global broadband speed league shows. The speed gaps between various countries remains very wide as the five fastest countries have download speeds which are around 40 times faster than the five slowest. Singapore ranks as the highest while Yemen props up the list with meager average speed of 0.34 Mbps.

  • 12 African Nations With The Highest Number Of Internet Users

    Internet Users - African governments commit to affordable internet By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:44 am AFKI Original

    Internet penetration continues to be a challenge in Africa, but there are success stories throughout the continent, with the number of internet users growing consistently. East Africa is a positive story within this context, with a few countries from this region appearing in the list, while the continent’s biggest economy, as well as the most developed economy, feature prominently on the list. Here are the 12 African nations with the highest number of internet users.

  • Google And Investment Trio Commit $100M To Improve African Broadband Infrastructure

    broadband infrastructure By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:26 am

    Google and three strategic partners have committed to investing a combined $100 million in a broadband infrastructure project to benefit African cities, with fast and reliable internet capabilities in the pipeline. The agreement signed between the four investors sees the creation of a new entity known as CSquared, which will operate as an independent company and will be based out of offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Africans Don’t Trust Elections. Here’s How Tech Could Help

    Africans don’t trust elections By Tom Jackson, 7:55 am AFKI Original

    As tech becomes more widespread in Africa, democratic processes will become more accessible. Internet and mobile technologies can reach remote areas and give voice to many. Rashaad Alli is a manager at South African nonprofit People’s Assembly, which supports websites that make parliamentary information more accessible to ordinary people. “Access to information is a great enabler to effect social change and deepen democracy,” Alli said. “Tech tools help increase transparency, expose corruption, strengthen democracy and hold governments to account.”

  • South Africa to Sell $1B Worth Of Broadband Spectrum After Years Of Delays

    Fintech adoption rates expected to soar in South Africa. By Dana Sanchez, 3:42 pm

    South Africans pay around $14.10 for one gigabyte of data, the fourth highest out of 17 African countries. By comparison, the same bundle costs around $2.10 in Cameroon. There are five main mobile service providers in South Africa’s wireless broadband market, including partially state-owned operator Telkom. Together MTN and Vodacom control more than 70 percent of the market — part of the reason why South Africans pay some of the highest data costs in Africa.

  • Internet Access: Is It Becoming A Human Right?

    Internet Access By Staff, 12:27 am

    The Gauteng Education Department now requires parents to apply online. Previously they could apply at the local school. SABC has announced that it will no longer advertise its jobs in newspapers, directing job seekers to its own website. South Africans’ ability to lead the kind of lives they value will become increasingly dependent on the physical, procedural, economic and social networks known as the Internet.

  • 12 African Countries With The Fastest Internet Speeds

    By Julia Austin, 5:50 am

    Namibia is another country making great strides in Internet connectivity, but still falling far below global standards. Budde.com reports that, while several Internet Service Providers have entered the Namibian market in recent years, the development of services, “Was long held back by high prices for international bandwidth caused by the lack of a direct connection to international submarine fibre optic cables.”

  • Rising Mobile Phone Use In Africa Is Winning Facebook More Eyeballs

    Active facebook users - small business council By Kevin Mwanza, 12:04 am

    Africa is the fastest growth region for social media giant Facebook and increased use of mobile phones is earning it even more users on the continent. The number of active Facebook users on the continent jumped 20 percent to 120 million in the 12 months to September. Facebook says 80 percent of these users login through mobile phones, with 60 percent of all internet users in Africa being active on the social media platform.

  • Tanzanian Online Classified Firm Kupatana.com Gets Funded

    Crowdfunding Success Stories By Kevin Mwanza, 8:45 am

    Tanzania’s largest online classified website, Kupatana.com, has received undisclosed amount of investment from digital investment firm, Frontier Digital Ventures (FDV). Kupatana.com is leading classified website in Tanzania that lists such as automobiles, real estate, consumer goods and also offer users over 120,000 classifieds listings.. It is expanding its presence to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

  • Nigeria’s Online Retail Business Now Valued At $13 Billion

    By Kevin Mwanza, 7:30 am

    The sector, which now supports over 20,000 jobs, is said to have attracted over $200 million in foreign direct investment since 2012, with the two largest online retailing website, Jumia and Konga, recieving $50 million in the last one year. Nigerian online retailers are now facing one big challenge in terms of data security which is making some potential clients stay away from these platforms.

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