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Infrastructure deficit: Latest News

  • Under-The-Radar African Pension Funds Could Help Pay For Infrastructure

    African pension funds By Staff, 8:36 pm

    Pension funds are good news for infrastructure projects in Africa. Development banks and private equity funds are targeting pension funds in Africa as sources of investment capital. Four African countries hold 90 percent of Africa’s pension fund assets. Despite challenges, African pension funds are likely to make a substantial impact on infrastructure investment in the next few years. One promising trend is the rise of regional funds targeting pensions. They’re making a new source of African capital available to address the region’s infrastructure deficit.

  • U.S.-Based Construction Firm To Help Build A Six-Lane Highway In Kenya

    By Kevin Mwanza, 10:30 am

    Kenya, East Africa’s biggest economy is set to get its second six-lane highway through a joint-partnership with the US government to upgrade the 485-kilometer highway from Nairobi to the port city of Mombasa. The US Export-Import Bank and Bechtel, one of the leading construction and engineering firms will fund the project. The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (Opic) will act as guarantor against any possible breach of the agreement by Bechtel,

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