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  • Why Entrepreneurs Are Missing Out On Africa’s ‘Hidden’ Informal Markets

    The informal sector holds great promise in Africa. Photo - M&G - informal markets By Tom Jackson, 3:38 pm AFKI Original

    Informal markets represent an incredible opportunity in Africa. In Zambia, for example, the informal sector accounts for 90 percent of employment, and represents well over one million informal businesses. Key areas that need exploring are agribusiness, textiles, timber and forestry, as there are huge opportunities to disrupt smallholder enterprise systems and introduce innovative concepts that can be sustainable and profitable.

  • East Africa’s Informal Sector Is Growing: Who’s Investing In It, And Why

    East Africa's informal sector By Staff, 6:12 pm

    Where there are challenges or deficits, business and investment opportunities often emerge in the informal sector. The East African informal sector contributes 30-40% of GDP. Operating off the grid (not paying taxes), informal-sector employers and employees run the risk of punishment, limited police protection, and lack of social support services. Consumers help keep the informal sector growing, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Formal companies are getting rich providing services to the millions of consumers who use informal services. Here are some of them.

  • Opinion: Fighting Over Succession In Zimbabwe Is Costing The Economy

    Joice Mujuru_1350366c By Staff, 8:52 am

    Economic issues are on the back burner and fighting over succession in Zimbabwe occupies the energy of the ruling Zanu PF. After consolidating power by purging former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies, party members have turned on each other. “When Zanu PF meet, instead of discussing ways of fixing the country’s problems, all they ever do is fire each other,” a former industry minister said.

  • 17 Best-Paying Jobs In Nigeria

    2m68t3s Lower Usuma Dam Water Treatment Plant, Abuja Photo: nairaland By Dana Sanchez, 11:36 am AFKI Original

    A snapshot of Nigerian jobs showed the formal sector provided 41 percent of new jobs and the informal sector, 53 percent. No. 4 on this list is water treatment superintendents, who can earn, on average, $127,135.78 in Nigeria. In some formal sectors, Nigeria is bypassing developed countries for salaries. For the first time in 2014, Nigeria was listed among the highest paying contract jobs in oil and gas sector worldwide. We’ve listed 17 best-paying jobs in Nigeria. Check them out here.

  • Zambia’s Economy Rebased, Grows By 25 Percent

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:38 pm

    The informal sector — businesses that are not paying taxes, not monitored by government and usually not included in the formal economy — was included in Zambia’s rebasing of its GDP, according to an AFP report. It accounts for 33.6 percent of the GDP, the report said.

  • E-Waste Collection: Making It Formal In East Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 11:19 am

    A new e-waste collection model tailored for developing countries calls for shipping container collection points throughout Kenya. Each serves as an independent small business purchasing e-waste from trained collectors. So far, four collection points have been established – two funded by Dell – with at least 40 more planned.

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