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  • Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers

    save the rhino - Rhino DNA Database Helps Officials Catch Poachers And Traffickers By Mongabay, 4:51 am

    A DNA database system is helping authorities prosecute and convict poachers and rhino horn traffickers in Africa. RhODIS, as the system is called, is built on a foundational database with genetic information from nearly 4,000 individual rhinos. By comparing the frequencies of alleles in confiscated horn and horn products with those in tissue from a poached animal, investigators can then come up with a probable match for where that horn came from.

  • Ban Is Lifted. Can South Africa Save Rhinos By Legalizing Horn Trade?

    save rhinos by legalizing horn trade By Dana Sanchez, 2:37 pm

    The court’s decision Friday opened a flood of feedback from proponents and opponents of legalizing rhino horn trade. They all say they want the same thing — to save rhinos. “Up until 2008, we had no rhinos being poached in South Africa because demand was being supplied by legal sales from live rhino,” said the world’s biggest rhino farmer. Ban opponents may have statistics on their side. Rhino poaching has risen dramatically since the moratorium went into effect. South African buyers are likely to be investors if the market opens.

  • South Africa: Selling White Rhinos To Save Them?

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:46 pm

    Poachers kill two rhinos a day in South Africa. The country is on track to lose 1,000 rhinos this year so it’s trying a different approach: selling them. Although some success has been made in catching poachers, they are well paid in target areas. Demand is high and growing.

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