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  • 12 Ways Africans Are Transforming Healthcare Through Technology

    Transforming healthcare - Innovation Prize For Africa - Dougbeh-Chris Nyan's rapid diagnostic test is one of the innovations that are being recognized. Photo - VenturesAfrica By Peter Pedroncelli, 2:20 am AFKI Original

    Technology has an important role to play in Africa, and one of the most important ways that tech is improving the lives of Africans across the continent is by transforming healthcare. Advances in technology and innovative ideas are allowing for better healthcare and improved diagnostic efforts in communities throughout Africa, including in remote areas thanks to the wonders of mobile and the internet.

  • 7 Biotech, Health And Agro-Processing Projects Receive Cape Craft And Design Institute Funding

    Cape winelands Cape Craft And Design Institute By Peter Pedroncelli, 4:30 am

    Seven South African biotech, health, agro-processing, and manufacturing projects have received a funding boost from the Cape Craft and Design Institute (CCDI) through their Design Innovation Seed Fund (DISF) initiative. The grants, which form part of the Cape Craft and Design Institute’s second round of seed funding, will allow for the innovative projects to be developed for use in a variety of sectors that will benefit from the ideas in development.

  • It’s Not All About Money: 14 Happiest Countries In Africa

    Happiest Countries In Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:22 pm AFKI Original

    Despite declining oil prices, oil-rich Norway is the happiest country in the world — proof that it’s about more than income. The people who live in the happiest countries in the world also value good governance, freedom, generosity, honesty, and health, according to World Happiness Report. There’s a deficit of happiness in Africa. African youth are essentially optimisitic and resilient in the face of poor infrastructure, but they are disappointed with development under democracy, say the authors of the report.

  • The 10 Most Polluted African Cities

    Most polluted African cities By Keren Mikva, 6:05 pm AFKI Original

    Air pollution in African countries could develop into health and climate crises like China and India have endured. A day spent breathing in Cairo has been likened to smoking a pack of cigarettes. Industrial plants burning low-quality fuel, seasonal sandstorms that often smother the city in a yellow haze, and high vehicle emissions have made the problem worse. Little regulation is in place to enforce environmentally friendly industry processes. Here are 10 of the most polluted African cities.

  • 52 Countries Ranked For Marijuana Tolerance. Most Are In Africa

    countries ranked for marijuana tolerance By Dana Sanchez

    African governments have tried to limit and stop its use, but marijuana remains deeply ingrained in African traditions, economies and recreation. It is an important source of income, but is illegal everywhere in Africa. Tolerance and enforcement vary from country to country. There’s a growing belief that with the proper regulations, marijuana should be legalized for the greater good. AFKInsider compiled a list of African countries and ranked them for marijuana tolerance. We’ve also provided a list of most marijuana-friendly countries in the world as a basis for comparison.

  • 8 African Innovations That Could Benefit Rural Communities Everywhere

    African Innovations By Julia Austin, 5:25 pm AFKI Original

    Necessity is the mother of invention in many rural African communities. Many are so isolated that people cannot get to a city without huge effort and expense. This has led to a few brilliant ideas that have become products and services that can benefit rural communities everywhere. One is the Tutu Tester van, a mobile clinic that brings trained medical professionals to remote communities. The van tests for TB and HIV as a regular checkup to remove the stigma and encourage people to be tested.

  • Opinion: Shipping-Related Emissions Increasingly Pollute African Ports

    Pollute African Ports By Dana Sanchez, 12:23 pm

    As international and intra-African trade grows, shipping-related emissions are increasingly polluting African ports. Impact on the environment will be significant if shipping companies, port authorities, freight companies and terminal operators continue doing business as usual. “The danger is real,” says a South African port CEO. “Increased emissions have the potential to severely impact the lives of people around port cities.”

  • Mobile Health Tech Yet To Reach Its Full Life Saving Potential in Africa

    By Staff, 2:19 am

    This practice is heavily guarded, more like a secret society, swearing by the Hippocratic Oath to enter and abide by strict protocols and guidelines. The practice is standardized world-over and medical professionals are kept updated through journals, conferences and peer review meetings. Every new approach proposed is weighed against the existing proven method, and the

  • 12 Things To Know About The Gates Foundation In Africa

    By Keren Mikva, 9:22 am AFKI Original

    In Uganda, the Gates Foundation has supported a genetically modified food project to create a new version of matooke, a banana-like staple devastated by banana leaf wilt. The GM project aims to create a modified version immune to the disease. A grant-making foundation created to tackle global challenges, the foundation still invites controversy. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about the Gates Foundation in Africa.

  • What’s The State Of Insurance In South Africa?

    Zambia, Ghana, Kenya Top For Insurance Opportunities In Sub-Sahara, Says EY By Dana Sanchez, 8:50 pm

    Insurance premiums accounted for more than 15% of South Africa’s GDP in 2013. It had the second-highest insurance penetration in the world, PwC reports. By comparison, insurance accounted for 0.6% of Nigeria’s GDP and 3.4% of Kenya’s.

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