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  • New Year’s Resolution: Investing In African Healthcare And Fitness

    investing in African healthcare By Kurt Davis Jr., 7:57 am AFKI Original

    In cities from Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria to Maputo, Mozambique, gym memberships can be above $100 per month. Africans are paying higher fees than in more mature markets. Zumba classes are abundant, yoga is everywhere, and biking and running are an ever-growing trend in Africa. Putting cash into the facilities for these types of activities is lucrative. Scalability is still a concern but branding across borders and within regions is necessary for growth.

  • M&A Activity Set To Increase In Africa’s Health Sector

    By Kevin Mwanza, 3:38 am

    According to the World Health Organization, sub-Sahara Africa accounts for nearly 12 percent of the world population, yet bears over a quarters of the global disease burden. With improving economic activity and a bulging middle class in the region the demand for better health care by a youthful populace has created a ripe market for health sector investors.

  • Foreign Investors Grab Opportunities in Kenya’s Sectors, Untenable by State

    By Frank Mutulu, 12:45 pm

    Nicholas Sowden, a Nebraska native, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Penda Health, recently opened the company’s second clinic after a successful launch of the Kitengela-based pilot in February 2012. Kitengela is a rapidly growing city in the outskirts of Kenya’s capital, which absorbs Nairobi’s exploding population. Penda Health’s original model aimed at providing low and middle income women with family planning and reproductive health services, but revised their blueprint to treat the entire family so as to attract more women.

  • Manufacturing, Medical Tourism & Reform: Kenya Woos Investors into Health Sector as Public Hospitals Fail to Cope

    By Isaac Mwangi, 12:06 pm

    Quality health facilities in Kenya are limited and concentrated in the country’s capital, Nairobi. Although there are private hospitals that offer great services — and have specialized equipment — their fees are too high for many. With Kenya’s health facilities unable to keep pace with the demands of its rising population, the shortage is translating into huge opportunities for potential investors.

  • MTN Offers Cloud Service Tech Boost to Cote d’Ivoire

    By Makula Dunbar, 10:08 am

    African telecommunication multinational, MTN, has announced a bouquet of cloud services in Cote d’Ivoire, as it aims to establish itself as the frontrunner in the delivery of digital services to customers.

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