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  • It’s Not All About Money: 14 Happiest Countries In Africa

    Happiest Countries In Africa By Dana Sanchez, 3:22 pm AFKI Original

    Despite declining oil prices, oil-rich Norway is the happiest country in the world — proof that it’s about more than income. The people who live in the happiest countries in the world also value good governance, freedom, generosity, honesty, and health, according to World Happiness Report. There’s a deficit of happiness in Africa. African youth are essentially optimisitic and resilient in the face of poor infrastructure, but they are disappointed with development under democracy, say the authors of the report.

  • 10 Funny Habits Of Happy People

    By Julia Austin, 1:33 pm AFKI Original

    Pay attention to silly habits of your own, or mistakes you make, and make a point of telling these to others. If you can make fun of yourself, you encourage the idea that you don’t need to take yourself too seriously, and then you aren’t as hard on yourself when you make really big mistakes. Practice finding humor in yourself every day, and you’ll never be without a laugh.

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