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  • 10 Global Tech Companies That Are Investing In Africa

    Google is one of many tech companies investing in Africa By Peter Pedroncelli, 7:43 am AFKI Original

    For many global tech companies, investing in Africa is a strategy for growth that is allowing them to tap into a growing market that is full of great potential. Tech companies from across various sectors are looking to Africa for growth, with the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft all putting their money into the continent. Whether they are investing in infrastructure, skills or the startup ecosystem, these tech companies are boosting economies and creating jobs.

  • 12 Most Admired Global Tech Brands According To Africans

    Most Admired Global Tech Brands According To Africans By Peter Pedroncelli, 3:09 am AFKI Original

    African consumers are increasingly able to enjoy numerous global tech brands due to a growing middle class on the continent that is savvy and mindful of what brands can offer them. Many of these brands have earned the admiration and loyalty of African consumers, with BrandAfrica ranking them in terms of the most admired brands from an African perspective. We take a look at 12 of the most admired global tech brands according to Africans.

  • Why Did Standard Bank Join The R3 Blockchain Consortium After Others Quit?

    R3 blockchain consortium By Dana Sanchez, 3:29 pm

    Johannesburg-based Standard Bank is the latest to join the R3 consortium after some global heavyweights pulled out. The network represents a collaboration of 75-plus banks exploring blockchain as a solution for digital payments. Goldman Sachs, Santander, Morgan Stanley and the National Australian Bank have quit the NYC-based R3. Their departure raises questions about how much distributed ledger and blockchain technology are worth to the financial sector. One expert says they could have quit over competition and not wanting to share.

  • Spotlight On Uganda’s Kiira Motors, One Of Africa’s Rising Automakers

    Africa's rising automakers By Dana Sanchez, 9:46 am

    Used cars rule African roads. Africa’s tiny new car market is dominated by giant global automakers like Toyota. Eight out of 10 new cars are sold in just four African countries. It is in this environment that made-in-Africa auto makers like Uganda’s Kiira Motors hope to compete. How a school project became the focal point of Uganda’s vision for economic transformation may be one of the most amazing stories of the rise of African automakers.

  • Somali Design Influence Shows Up In The Global Bridal Business

    By Ann Brown, 11:33 am AFKI Original

    Of Somali heritage, Shukri Hashi was born in Kenya and has lived in London since she was 8. Educated at the London College of Fashion, she makes wedding dresses that combine traditional Somali touches with modern Western styles. She embraces her Somali heritage by marrying traditional bridal Somali print — iyo Dhaqan — with Western fabrics such as satin, tulle and chiffon. Her dream? That every Somali bride will one day wear one of her creations. Read her fascinating business story here at AFKInsider.com.

  • Netflix Goes Live In Africa And Most Of The Rest Of The World

    By Dana Sanchez, 6:40 pm

    While its expansion to Africa is a welcome development, the U.S. company could face challenges due to the high cost of Internet mobile data and lack of quality broadband. Africans are already fans of most Netflix content. Netflix could oust Naspers-owned digital satellite TV service, whose users complain about its fees. However, Netflix isn’t cheap either. Still, the U.S.-based company has 65 million streaming customers worldwide.

  • What’s The State Of Marketing In Africa? It’s All About Local vs. Global

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:38 pm

    The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in Africa’s advertising and marketing industries, according to new research by the World Federation of Advertisers. Plenty of exciting new agency start-ups are emerging, but not enough young talented people are entering the field to work for them. The best talent with local African experience is being wooed by other countries and regions, MediaUpdate reports.

  • Too Many Going After A Few Big Private Equity Deals In Africa

    By Dana Sanchez, 3:37 pm

    Africa’s private equity market is overcrowded with too many people going after the same few large deals, but there’s a lot of opportunities in smaller deals, a stakeholder says. The new phenomenon is the appearance of global private equity players – global behemoths looking to allocate to Africa – alongside larger fund raisers by traditional players and South African players extending their mandates north of the border, BizNews reports.

  • Will U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Create New Image Of Africa?

    By Istvon Tarrosy, 9:28 am AFKI Original

    From a global perspective, the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit may create a new image of Africa advocating for itself as integral to the interdependent world order in terms of trade and investments. With the summit, the U.S. wants to reduce the influence of China over Africa. However, “the U.S. should not redefine its positions in Africa by compromising its approach and demand for democracy and good governance practice among African leaders,” an expert said. “Africa cannot remain a dark and backward continent forever because of bad autocratic leadership.”

  • Disrupting Payments: How Africa Makes Banking Look Arachaic

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:54 pm

    Venture capitalist Steven Sinofsky talks about the transformative nature of mobile phones in developed and developing markets. For those in extreme poverty, mobile has been equally, if not more, transformative, Sinovsky said in Recode.net. Many immigrants in the U.S. send remittance funds to developing markets. Seattle, for example, has one of the largest populations of Somalians outside of Northern Africa, and they routinely send funds home. Today, this is a difficult process, and could be made a lot easier with a global mobile solution. Sinofsky talks about how African innovation is disrupting payments.

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