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  • Nigeria To Invest In Expanded Electricity Generation With $5.2B World Bank Loan

    electricity generation By Peter Pedroncelli, 6:09 am

    Nigeria is looking to invest in plans to expand electricity generation and capacity with a proposed $5.2 billion loan from the World Bank, thereby boosting economic recovery following the country’s first contraction in a quarter of a century. Nigeria’s power, works, and housing minister Babatunde Fashola has identified the loan amount as a requirement in order to address the issues that the country has in terms of distribution of power, transmission-capacity and poor access to electricity in rural areas. These issues have a knock-on effect for the economy, and addressing these would allow for improved electricity capacity for Nigerian private and public enterprise

  • 10 Things We Did As Teenagers That We’ll Never Do Again

    By Keren Mikva, 2:10 pm AFKI Original

    There’s no way I’d attempt DIY versions of the latest styles, like pierce my own ear, or dye my hair blonde with lemon juice and salt. I’d be guaranteed to come out looking completely busted, when I could just drop a few extra dollars and have it done by a pro. But when your allowance has run dry at the age of 13, desperate measures must be taken. The teenage years are a time filled with drama but they’re also hilarious to look back on. Here are 10 things we did as teenagers that we’ll never do again.

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