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  • Not Just Theory Anymore: Gates Foundation Funds Malarial Mosquitoes, Being Bred In Labs To Destroy Their Entire Species

    By Staff, 5:18 pm

    In Africa, scientists are preparing to use genetics to end malaria. The Gates Foundation is exploring technology that involves altering mosquitoes so that new generations are almost all male. Male mosquitoes don’t bite people, and a population without females can’t reproduce. It’s never been done before. No one knows if a gene drive, once released into the wild, could jump to other species. Malaria is one of the greatest public health threats on the planet. If we have the power to end it, should we?

  • Africa-Focused Giving By U.S. Foundations Grew At Twice The Rate Of Overall International Giving

    Africa-focused giving By Dana Sanchez, 8:59 am

    Business investors aren’t the only ones spotting Africa’s potential. Name-brand foundations are also investing in Africa, making grants on a historic level. Still, charity has its critics. Akon is one of the most vocal. The U.S.-based rap star is one of the most famous impact investors in Africa — and one of the most prominent voices against giving charity to Africans. These are some of the biggest philanthropic foundations giving money in Africa.

  • Gender Equity Improves For African Women In Land Rights, Research With $5M Gates Grant

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:19 pm

    The Gates Foundation today awarded a $5 million grant to achieve greater parity among women and men in sub-Saharan African agricultural research. Patriarchal customs and lax enforcement can make it hard for female farmers to control their incomes, even in countries like Rwanda with progressive land laws. Governments should invest in education so rural women understand they have the right to own valuable land assets, said Agnes Kalibata, former Rwandan agriculture minister.

  • Opinion: What People In The U.S. Are Saying About GMOs In Africa

    Rationale For Rejecting GM Technology By Staff, 9:20 am

    We’re having all the wrong debates about GMOs, according to a WashingtonPost opinion piece. We’re arguing over how evil Monsanto is, rather than asking how government can regulate a system in which corporate, agricultural, consumer and environmental goals are often at odds. In Africa, chemical fertilizers and seeds that can’t be saved are considered the enemy of tradition. “The people who push for this narrative are well-fed,” says AGRA. “There’s nothing dignified about going hungry.”

  • 12 Things To Know About The Gates Foundation In Africa

    By Keren Mikva, 9:22 am AFKI Original

    In Uganda, the Gates Foundation has supported a genetically modified food project to create a new version of matooke, a banana-like staple devastated by banana leaf wilt. The GM project aims to create a modified version immune to the disease. A grant-making foundation created to tackle global challenges, the foundation still invites controversy. Here are 12 things you didn’t know about the Gates Foundation in Africa.

  • Gates Foundation To Spend $60M On Fighting Ebola In West Africa

    By Kevin Mwanza, 4:19 am

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said on Wednesday it would spend $50m (£31m) – on top of $10m already committed – to support the emergency response to west Africa’s Ebola outbreak – the group’s largest donation yet to a humanitarian effort. “It became clear to us over the last 7 to 10 days that the pace and scope of the epidemic was increasing significantly,” Chris Elias, president of global development for the world’s largest charitable foundation, told Associated Press.

  • Gates Foundation Funds 19 Disease-Resistant Cassava Varieties

    By Dana Sanchez, 5:09 pm

    The first batch of 19 disease-resistant cassava varieties grown in a genetics technology lab in Kenya has been released in five African countries.

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