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  • 10 Things You Didn’t Know About U.S. Ambassador Terence Todman

    By Keren Mikva, 10:49 am AFKI Original

    U.S. Ambassador Terence Todman once threatened to quit if he was continually assigned to Africa. He criticized the State Department for sending black diplomats to African and Caribbean countries, referring to them as “ghetto” assignments. After serving as ambassador to Chad in the early ’70s, Todman threatened to quit if he was assigned to another African nation.He became the first black U.S. ambassador to a Latin American country. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Terence Todman.

  • Japan Promises To Implement $32 Billion In Aid For Africa In Five Years

    By Kevin Mwanza, 4:46 am

    Japan told foreign ministers and senior officials from about 50 African countries on Sunday that it will steadily implement 3.2 trillion yen, or $32 billion, in aid for Africa over a five-year period through 2017. With the government and private sectors acting in concert, Japan “will steadily implement assistance it pledged” last year, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said in a speech at the start of a two-day meeting in Cameroon of a Japan-led initiative to promote development in Africa.

  • Saudi Arabia Deports 2,540 Illegal Immigrants To Ethiopia, More Expected

    By Kevin Mwanza, 3:37 am

    The Ethiopian Government said it received some 2,540 of its citizens from Saudi Arabia, recently declared illegal immigrants by the authorities middle eastern oil rich Kingdom, the Premium Time reported. Many foreign workers in Saudi Arabia are fleeing or are under arrest amid a crackdown on the kingdom’s 9 million migrant laborers. Saudi residents fought […]

  • Russia to Stengthen Bilateral Ties with Rwanda

    By Makula Dunbar, 6:03 pm

    The Russian government is looking forward to strengthening bilateral relations with Rwanda, the country’s deputy minister for foreign affairs said Thursday. Mikhail Leonidovich Bogdanov told reporters after meeting Rwandan President Paul Kagame at his office in Village Urugwiro, Xinhua reported. Bogdanov, who is in-charge of relations with African countries, was in Rwanda to explore areas of cooperation and enhance the existing bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

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