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Fintech solutions: Latest News

  • African Fintech Solutions Succeed Due To Nonexistent Banking Infrastructure

    M-Pesa is a fintech success story in Africa. Photo - Quartz By Tom Jackson, 6:13 am AFKI Original

    While fintech solutions in other parts of the world have not produced consistent success, Africa’s lack of banking penetration has opened up possibilities for fintech startups to serve a mobile-first population. This track record of innovation is resulting in increased funding for African fintech startups, while of all the sub-sectors within Africa’s tech space it has also proven the most likely in terms of exits.

  • 8 Top Fintech Solutions Changing How People Live In Africa

    Mobile Money Revolution By Lillian Mutiso, 8:22 am AFKI Original

    Africa has enjoyed great success in the economic sector, with the entry of financial technology solutions. Some fintech solutions have become key determinants of the rate at which some African economies are growing.Fintech refers to a group of companies that rely more on technology to conduct business, and services and products in the financial industry, as a major shift from the traditional way of service and product delivery.

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