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  • More And More Urban Youth Using Technology To Enter Agriculture In Kenya

    farmers By Staff, 12:21 pm

    Anyona is among a growing army of farmers changing the East African nation’s agriculture sector, giving it a new face. Millions of youth are now venturing into it. Armed with a smart phone, laptop and the internet, the new crop of farmers have engineered a revolution that has not only changed the perception towards farming but is also contributing to the country’s efforts in achieving food security. “This is my third year in farming. Technology has made it easier to navigate,” Anyona said.

  • 12 Ways Tech Is Uplifting Agriculture Industries In Africa

    Tech Is Uplifting The Agricultural Industry In Africa By Peter Pedroncelli, 5:26 am AFKI Original

    As with many sectors in modern business, the agricultural industry in Africa is embracing technology to enhance production and ensure a more profitable future. Tech is able to reduce costs, upskill farm workers and save effort and time in Africa’s largest economic sector. From drone tech to mobile apps that assist farmers, Africa is a pioneer on the agritech front, and the technologies that are being incorporated into agriculture are helping to put food on the tables of people all over the world.

  • How Digital Technology Is Changing Farming In Africa

    Digital technology is changing farming in Africa By Staff, 1:00 am

    With Africa’s population projected to be about 2 billion by 2050, farming must undergo huge strides in productivity to ensure the ability to feed them. Numerous types of digital technology are available to take farming to this level, and entrepreneurs are beginning to introduce them to farming. To take advantage of them, however, there must be widespread internet availability, adequate funding, and ways overcome farmers’ reluctance to adopt new practices.

  • Young African With A Biomedical Degree Prefers Farming Watermelons

    African with a biomedical degree prefers farming watermelons By Ann Brown, 9:57 am AFKI Original

    In Kenya, many women don’t know their families’ net worth. “Our culture is such that men hide their wealth from their wives and children,” says Annie Nyaga, a local watermelon farmer. Nyaga is all about changing perceptions. “It is only in Africa where a farmer is the poorest member of the community,” she told AFKInsider.” We have to start by changing key attitudes. Agriculture is not the option for the laziest and failures in the classrooms. It is for entrepreneurs and innovators.” Here’s how Nyaga is changing minds and paying it forward with her business, Farm2Home.

  • 8 Things That Boost Zambia’s Reputation As A Beef Producer

    Zambia's reputation as a beef producer By Julia Austin, 10:54 am AFKI Original

    Zambeef is a leader in African agri-business and has helped make Zambia synonymous with good meat in Africa. The company is so diversified, it’s practically an anomoly. Investment analysts usually recommend that businesses focus on one main product or service. Zambeef raises its own cattle, sells its beef retail and wholesale, grows its own crops and produces ready-to-use products like milk and chicken feed.

  • Telling Africa’s Agriculture Stories Through Radio, TV, Film

    By Dana Sanchez, 1:43 pm

    Shamba Shape-Up is a Kenyan makeover reality TV show that focuses on struggling farms. The show’s host visits different farms, meets farmers to learn about the issues they’re facing, then interviews expert guests to provide advice. The show boasts more than 10 million viewers weekly. Aspiring agri-preneurs need role models, and their stories need to be widely promoted. Food Tank highlighted 35 media projects around the world. Here are five of them in Africa.

  • Mozambique Considering Tax Exemptions For Agriculture In 24 Areas

    By Dana Sanchez, 8:39 am

    Mozambique is considering creating special economic zones for agriculture in 24 areas of the country to promote investment and increase farm production. The areas were chosen based on climate and growing conditions, strategic location to markets, existing or planned infrastructure and the need to diversify farm products. Agricultural operators may get some tax exemptions if they do business in the special economic zones.

  • How Farming Is Making A Comeback In Somalia

    Photo: amisom-au.org/PressTV By Staff, 10:16 am

    In a country that went 18 years without a government, farming is making a comeback in Somalia. Relative calm has returned. Al Qaeda-linked insurgents have been neutralized, ocean pirates have been stamped out and a U.N.-backed government controls much of the country. The Somalia Central Bank is leading the way, distributing loans, tractors and land ownership certificates to committed farmers. “Crops, fish, cattle exports can be the big the break that’ll secure peace in this country,” a stakeholder said.

  • Stunning African Oases That Aren’t All In The Sahara

    By Mark Rausch, 12:03 pm

    Silence, tranquility and romantic luxury don’t come cheap. Yes, you’ll get the intimate picnics in Namibia’s Sossusvlei Desert and check out parched animals drinking at a serene desert oasis, but it will cost you. Oases sustain life, business, tourism and agriculture in the least likely places on Earth. Check out these stunning African oases. Not all of them are in the Sahara.

  • Why Are So Few Women Leading African Science, Research?

    By Dana Sanchez, 4:50 pm

    Women are limited from moving into decision-making jobs because of organisational prejudices and practices including incentives and hiring systems that often work against them, according to a Mail&Guardian report. One study showed female participation in African agricultural research was about 23 percent, with just 14 percent of management positions filled by women — a decline as women progressed along their career path.

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